The Always Sunny Podcast Preview: Charlie's Greatest Primal Scream?

With still more than enough time left in the weekend to enjoy an episode or two of Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast, we've got three good arguments to make as to why this week's episode "Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire" should be one of them. First, this week mixes things up a bit as the foursome watch the episode and comment in real-time (at least, the "real-time" of when the episode was recorded) and it definitely offers a different experience. The other two arguments come in the form of previews from the episode- let's take a look:

always sunny
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In the first clip, The (Podcast) Gang checks out what could be one of the greatest Charlie freak-outs of all time. In fact, we would be willing to be so bold to say that it was the best (though it's a tough call). Why such a high honor? It's the combination of just how painful Charlie's decision-making skills can be at times with the ratio of just how intense his freak-out is in comparison to how he has absolutely no right to be that freaked-out. And in the second clip, Day raises a good point about why people only ever see human ghosts, which quickly becomes a possible idea for a future IASIP episode that could result in the return of… Jerry the Tapeworm?! Start drafting up those t-shirts and Funkos now, people…

In the following previously-released clip, the trio explains the real-life inspiration behind Dancing Guy. And let's just say that we side with Day because there's usually a much clearer line between "living life to its fullest" and "being very unwell" than we like to think there is. And then make sure to check out the most recent episode "Franks Sets Sweet Dee on Fire" in its entirety here and subscribe to the YouTube channel here (and let's not forget about the original audio podcast, with an audio version of the episode here):

And when you do check out this week's episode, don't forget that The (Podcast) Gang is working their podcast magic in a new studio. Here's a look back to when the new studio was previewed:

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