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Playing Dead: Michael Nathanson Podcast on Death Scenes Debuts Nov. 29
Playing Dead is Lionsgate Sound's original new podcast that examines famous death scenes in film and television, including Star Wars, Stranger Things, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Suicide Squad premieres this week The series is hosted by actor Michael Nathanson, best known for his role as Sam Stein, the violently-murdered agent in Netflix's Marvel's The Punisher, who[...]
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To honor the episode's importance, Megan Ganz, Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton shared with The Always Sunny Podcast viewers/listeners that Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) and Composer Cormac Bluestone (who co-wrote most of the music with Day) would be joining The Podcast Gang for a breakdown of what keeps the episode at the top of BCTV's[...]
Playing Dead: Michael Nathanson Podcast on Death Scenes Debuts Nov. 29
Playing Dead is Lionsgate Sound's original new podcast that examines the shocking, gruesome, and iconic ways in which some of film and TV's most legendary characters have met their demise on screen Whether they were dragged into the Upside Down by a Demogorgon or encountered Freddy Krueger in their dreams, these zeitgeisty character deaths left[...]
Distractible, The TryPod, & More: Britt's Top 5 Comedy Podcasts
The popular British podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno will be saying goodbye to fans as Jamie Morton, Alice Levine, and James Cooper end their run in December The podcast has gone on tour in the past and even had a 2019 HBO special in which Morton read a chapter of Belinda Blinked, the book series written[...]
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Last weekend, Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast gave listeners/viewers the heads-up that Monday would bring a special episode built around their live shows from last month On September 17th, it was Bourbon & Beyond in Louisville, Kentucky The next day, it was back to the show's home[...]
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So if you're a fan of FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a regularly listener/viewer of Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast, then you know that the foursome hit the road in mid-September to tape some live shows for the future On September 17th, it was Bourbon[...]
The Rewatcher: Podcast Hosts Talk Buffy Series & More [Interview]
In a continuation of my chat with Alaina Urquhart & Ash Kelley, hosts of the new Wondery Podcast The Rewatcher: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we discuss the long-lasting popularity of the series & what makes it so iconic Each week on Rewatcher, listeners will follow along as Alaina (a longtime Buffy fan) introduces Ash (a Buffy newbie) to the[...]
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This time, they'll have to do something much harder. They'll have to save each other. For fans of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Victoria Schwab, Reunion is the story of what happens when the good guys grow up. Farnsworth chats about his process and the idea of a story that is very like if It were populated by thinly-veiled[...]
Is Audio Horror the Way Forward in a Streaming World?
One of the challenges, the producer says, is in finding stories that can be adapted and are in the public domain. Find Sole Twin Audio's main page at Anchor from Spotify. Listen here: Listen on YouTube: Jason Henderson hosts the Castle of Horror and Castle Talk Podcasts, the "Castle of Horror Anthology" series editor[...]
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If you're wondering why it's been a while since we've reported on Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast, it's basically because we've been quietly enjoying the ride for the past two months But next week's episode is a special one because "Mac and Dennis: Manhunters" brings Kaitlin Olson[...]
Chris Jericho Details His Near-Fight With Brock Lesnar In 2016
 He again made this very clear on a recent podcast appearance where he spoke openly on several issues, including the much-talked-about altercation he had with fellow WWE legend Brock Lesnar backstage at the 2016 SummerSlam in Brooklyn, New York after Lesnar "hard way" busted open his opponent Randy Orton by blasting him in the head with elbows, leaving Orton[...]
The podcast turns one of literature's most famous rivalries on its head, recasting Professor James Moriarty as a desperate fugitive framed for murder–and hunted by dark forces who will stop at nothing to exploit his brilliance A few clips of some episodes have been included if you become intrigued enough by the mysterious trailer. Episode 1 Audible[...]
Usually, when we're covering Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum it involves his Inside of You podcast with a ton of great guests covering an impressive array of topics But this time around, we're taking a look at a new project that Rosenbaum has coming up with his ex-co-star Tom Welling That's right, Smallville's Lex Luthor (Rosenbaum)[...]
Audible's Moriarty: The Devils Game Scripted Podcast Announced
Audible has a new original scripted podcast, Moriarty: The Devil's Game, arriving on July 7th starring Dominic Monaghan and including ten episodes diving into and reimagining the world of Sherlock Holmes. Credit: Audible Audible's bold new addition to the Sherlock Holmes universe, Moriarty: The Devil's Game, dares to ask: "What if Holmes' most villainous nemesis was actually an[...]
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Star Glenn Howerton Offers Season 15 Update
Before we take a look at this week's episode of Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast, we needed to kick things off with one of the best stories we've seen in The New York Times in some time So apparently, Laura Young purchased a bust at a Goodwill[...]
Doctor Who: Redacted is Fun, Relevant and the Show We Need Right Now
We're into the third episode of Doctor Who: Redacted, the official spinoff podcast of Doctor Who that's a proper audio drama At last, the story is taking shape, and the stakes are established Conspiracy podcasters Cleo (Charlie Craggs), Shawna (Holly Quin-Ankrah), and Abby (Lois Chimimba) have been following stories about a blue box and a[...]
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With still more than enough time left in the weekend to enjoy an episode or two of Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast, we've got three good arguments to make as to why this week's episode "Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire" should be one of them First,[...]
The Undertaker Was Supposed To Have An On-Screen Son In 2008
 Since 1997, when his longtime manager Paul Bearer introduced us to The Undertaker's younger brother, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kane, and revealed that The Undertaker had burned down his family's funeral home in his youth, killing his parents and badly burning Kane, Taker's character was forever changed into someone who was now defined by his[...]
The Always Sunny Podcast Gang Discuss "Dancing Guy" Inspiration & More
Look, we could offer you a pretty lengthy list of all of the things that impress us about Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast But this week's episode focusing on "Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire" demonstrates once again the one thing that impresses us the most[...]
Doctor Who: Redacted Celebrates What the Show Means for LGBTQ Fans
Fresh from Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils comes an audio drama podcast series Doctor Who: Redacted Thankfully, it's not another aftershow where fans gush shamelessly about the show and offer nothing interesting or insightful This is a full-fledged audio drama about a trio of friends who come across a dark conspiracy where people[...]
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So last week saw The (Podcast) Gang dedicate some precious podcast time to help diagnose "donkey brains"… because they care, dammit! But this week, the episode reviews continued for Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast with an overview of "The Gang Sells Out" that covers a ton of[...]
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Fans of Marvel & writer Ryan North's Squirrel Girl have a lot to be excited about this morning, with Variety reporting exclusively that the comics publisher and North are teaming up with SiriusXM & Radio Point (podcast extension of Irony Point production company) for the six-episode scripted podcast series Marvel's Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio[...]
On a recent visit to Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast, series star Lesley-Ann Brandt opened up about how that outpouring of support felt. LUCIFER Cr COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2021 In the following clip, Brandt discusses the fans being the ones who saved the show twice and the sadness that she felt when the show finally[...]
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So last week, we shared the preview that Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast shared for this week's special episode So remember when The (Podcast) Gang posted a hotline number on social media for some "Always Sunny" trivia that fans could try to answer by calling in? Well, the[...]
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So it's been about a week or so since we last checked in on how things were going with Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's The Always Sunny Podcast Basically, we've just been greedily enjoying the episodes as a weekly treat to ourselves for being good (or good-ish in nature) But this[...]
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Earlier today, BBC Sounds announced that the long-running series would be getting a 10-part audio drama podcast spinoff entitled Doctor Who: Redacted Scripted by bestselling author Juno Dawson along with an impressive team of writers and set in the Doctor Who universe, the series entangles past and current storylines, cameos from the Doctor's friends and[...]
But during his recent interview with Michael Rosenbaum for the Inside of You podcast, he also opened up about how politics on the set, working under the fear of cancellation every season, and extended filming in Canada led him to what he admits were unhealthy and abusive habits. Image: The CW In the first clip, Kohli makes[...]
So late last week, we checked in with Supernatural (and now, Gotham Knights pilot) star Misha Collins when he stopped by Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast On the SPN front, he discussed how he went from guest star to series regular, his enduring bond with Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki, the unnecessary drama that[...]