The Venture Bros. Canceled After 7 Seasons, Jackson Publick Confirms

Leave it to Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. to take the news that viewers wouldn't think was that big of a surprise and add a bit of confusion to it. On Monday, series creator Jackson Publick (aka Christopher McCulloch) tweeted that the series had been canceled by the late-night animation block on Adult Swim after 7 seasons and 81 episodes- running the course of 16 years. While most won't find that part surprising since news of a news season had been pretty scarce since season 7 finale "The Saphrax Protocol" aired in October 2018. The two highlights that caught our attention in Publick's tweet? First that he and co-writer Doc Hammer (aka Eric Hammer) were notified by the network "a few months ago" and that it happened while they were writing an eighth season's worth of adventures for Hank, Dean, Dr. "Rusty" Venture, Brock Samson, Sergeant Hatred, The Monarch, and the rest of the Venture universe.

Venture Bros
A look at The Venture Bros. (Image: Adult Swim)

Here's a look at Publick's original tweet:

Voice actor James Urbaniak took to Twitter not long after Publick's post to express his appreciation for being a part of the series and being able to voice Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture. Here's a look at Urbaniak post:

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