Check Out Michael Fassbender In Action In New Assassin's Creed Shot

I'm quite jazzed about the the Assassin's Creed movie. That universe could lend itself to film really well. It's massive, with a near endless scope of history, and the focus on the Spanish Inquisition for the first film is a great choice.

From the sounds of it, a lot of practical work has gone into the movie too, with a stuntman jumping 125 feet for a real Leap of Fate. It is clear director Justin Kurzel is trying to make the film feel 'real'.

You can see just a glimpse of that in action in this new photo from the shoot which shows Michael Fassbender atop a horse charging ar speed. Also, a car too. I don't think that will be in the final film…

Take a look (via TotalFilm):