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Ubisoft Will Launch Oddballers In Late January 2023
Ubisoft confirmed today that they will be releasing their new dodgeball-themed game Oddballers for PC and consoles this January This game will take the punishing sport and change things up a bit, as this is a different kind of dodgeball game There are elements of this that old-schoolers will get some callbacks to as it[...]
The Settlers: New Allies Announces February Release Date
Ubisoft revealed a new release date for The Settlers: New Allies as the game is coming to PC and consoles this February If you haven't seen this one yet, this particular title is a strategy game that has been modified to have an in-depth build-up experience as you will encounter real-time strategic battles All designed[...]
Splinter Cell: Firewall: BBC Audio Drama Series, Debuts December 2nd
That's right, while fans of the Splinter Cell video games are waiting for a new game in the series and getting a remake of the first game from Ubisoft, everyone will be getting an audio drama series of a new story from a novel that's free without the need to get killed failing at a[...]
Ubisoft Reveals New Details To Just Dance 2023
Ubisoft has officially launched Just Dance 2023 for multiple platforms today, releasing the complete track list for you to groove to as well In what is designed to be the most immersive and challenging version of the franchise to date, the devs have gone all-out to make sure that you have a fun time, but[...]
Rainbow Six Siege Shows Off What's Coming For Year 7 - Season 4
Ubisoft revealed more of what's to come for players in the next few weeks in Rainbow Six Siege with a preview of Year 7 – Season 4 The season will be called Solar Raid and comes with a brand new Colombian operator on the defense side named Solis She comes equipped with the SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor[...]
The Crew 2: Season 7 – Episode 1 To Launch November 16th
Ubisoft has revealed their plans for the latest season to come to The Crew 2, as Season 7 – Episode 1 will be coming tomorrow This season, the company has partnered with Motorflix, as they will be producing one of the biggest updates the game has seen to date with all new additions and improvements[...]
Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters To Join Brawlhalla
Ubisoft revealed a new crossover with Nickelodeon as characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender will come to Brawlhalla The game will be adding Aang, Toph, and Zuko to the mix as each one will bring their own kind of skills and attitude to the fighter, as we get a little bit of their various fighting[...]
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Announces Post-Launch Content
Ubisoft announced today that they have some new post-launch content coming to Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope The team had already revealed that they were going to be releasing another Ubisoft property, Rayman, into the game as a playable character But now we have a better idea of when that will be happening and[...]
Rainbow Six Extraction Launches New Crisis Event: After Effect
Ubisoft has launched a new terrifying Crisis Event into Rainbow Six Extraction this week as players dive into After Effect This content will essentially bring about a conclusion to all of the previous Crisis Events in a brand new limited-time story, which will also add a ton of new content to the game as well[...]
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Ubisoft and Konami have come together for an epic crossover as Simon Belmont and Alucard from Castlevania are now in Brawlhalla Both characters arrive with their own set of moves and abilities that both fit within the brawling title, but also harken back to the classic franchise where we saw both of them rise to[...]
For Honor Launches Their New Halloween 2022 Event
Ubisoft has revealed its release plans in For Honor this week, as they have unveiled their new Halloween 2022 event The event will be called "The Web of the Jorogumo" and will be running from October 20th to November 10th Along with this event, players will experience Phase 2 of cross-platform play, which is available[...]
Rainbow Six Siege Launches Doktor's Curse 2022 Halloween Event
Ubisoft has launched the latest event for Rainbow Six Siege as we're getting their version of a Halloween theme in Doktor's Curse The event will run from October 13th until November 2nd, in which you will basically be playing a game of hide and seek inside a haunted castle Throughout the event, you'll be able[...]
Roller Champions To Launch Latest Season Dragon's Way Today
Ubisoft revealed the latest Roller Champions will kick off today as players will see the new Dragon's Way decorate the arena This is basically a theme based on a number of different cultures in Asia, as they have given the track a new look as well as providing you the chance to dress up your[...]
Ubisoft Announces Skull & Bones Is Coming This November
Ubisoft has announced this morning that they are officially punishing the release of Skull & Bones back into Early 2023 The official release date, as it stands right now, will be March 9th, 2023 The word came down in a brief announcement via the company's blog. Credit: Ubisoft Ahoy there, privateers Our team is hard at work[...]
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Receives New 15th Anniversary Content
Ubisoft revealed that they will be releasing new content for Assassin's Creed Valhalla as part of the series' 15th Anniversary The devs have added free content to the game today, which includes a massive new update that will add a number of new features and items to the game As well as the Oskoreia Festival[...]
We Got To Preview Mario + Rabbids Spark Of Hope
Ubisoft had a major crossover hit with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle back in 2017 and is looking to build on that with Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope The game actually had a positive impact in a lot of ways as its one of the few Nintendo-related properties that the company wasn't 100% in[...]
Ubisoft Reveals Plans For 15th Anniversary Of Assassin's Creed
Ubisoft revealed a number of plans for the Assassin's Creed franchise during the UbiForward livestream, as the game celebrates its 15th Anniversary The team went over a number of different projects coming to the franchise, as they held their first-ever AC Showcase going over 30 minutes, which capped off the end of the event Aside[...]
Ubisoft Announces Assassin’s Creed Mirage Coming In 2023
During the UbiForward event this weekend, Ubisoft revealed the next major Assassin's Creed game with Assassin's Creed Mirage This latest game will be taking you back, as they all do, but this time around, a lot further than most of the other entries as you'll be going to Ninth Century CE and being thrown into[...]
Ubisoft Shows Off Rainbow Six Mobile During UbiForward
During the UbiForward livestream event this weekend, Ubisoft dropped new details about Rainbow Six Mobile, including a new closed beta This is the first time we've had a chance to see more in-depth footage of the game as they have taken the world of Rainbow Six Siege and transformed it into a free-to-play title for[...]
Ubisoft Reveals New Details To Just Dance 2023
Ubisoft revealed the latest entry in the Just Dance franchise as we got a good look at the 2023 Edition during UbiForward This time around, the team is taking a very different approach to the game as they have incorporated a new art style that will bring a change of pace and vibe to the[...]
Trackmania Will Be Coming To Consoles & Cloud-Based Servers
Ubisoft revealed during the UbiForward livestream yesterday that they'll be bringing Trackmania over to consoles and cloud gaming The game has been on PC since being released back in mid-2020, with people wondering when they would finally drop the game onto other platforms We now know that the game is coming to both PlayStation and[...]
Ubisoft Announces Skull & Bones Is Coming This November
The third is more of a developer look at everything they showed off to you, so if you love hearing behind-the-scenes introspection, that's the video for you. Credit: Ubisoft In its World Context trailer, Skull and Bones revealed the truth behind the second Golden Age of Piracy: The Indian Ocean torn between power, riches, and blood, at[...]
Ubisoft Reveals Details To Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope
During their annual UbiForward livestream event, Ubisoft revealed new details and a trailer for Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope The presentation gave us a good seven-minute video showing off never before seen footage of the game, as we get to see familiar faces from the Mario Bros franchise trying to save the planet Terra[...]
Ubisoft To Launch Rocksmith+ Globally Next Tuesday
Ubisoft made a surprise revealed today with the announcement that Rocksmith+ will be launched globally next Tuesday, September 6th This version of the game is designed to take everything amazing from the past decade of making the series and put it into a comprehensive title that will teach you how to play a real instrument[...]
Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Year 7 Season 3 Content
Ubisoft dropped new details this morning for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege addition to Year 7 Season 3, going by the name Operation Brutal Storm The season introduces Agent Charlie Tho "Grim" Keng Boon from Singapore, who serves as the latest attacking operator primarily for recon He does this using his special weapon, the Kawan[...]
Rainbow Six Extraction Launches new Eclipse Crisis Event
Ubisoft has launched a brand new event this week into Rainbow Six Extraction as players will encounter the Eclipse Crisis The event will run from now until September 1st, adding a new member to the team as well as content from the last two Crisis events to play with this latest chapter Which, by the[...]
M.U.T.E. Protocol Event Returns To Rainbow Six Siege
Ubisoft dropped new details of the return of the M.U.T.E Protocol event to Rainbow Six Siege, which will launch in the game Tuesday For the next three weeks, you'll get to experience the game in a totally different light as you get some amazingly weird cosmetics as a new gameplay mode called Arms Race[...]
Assassin's Creed Is Coming To PUBG: Battlegrounds & New State Mobile
has revealed a new partnership with Ubisoft to have Assassin's Creed cross into PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State Mobile Two separate events will be kicking off in each game starting in mid-August, in which you will see some of "the tales of the Animus become the realities of the battlegrounds." You'll have a chance to[...]
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Ubisoft has released two new characters into Brawlhalla as Ezio and Eivor from the Assassin's Creed series are now available First off, we have Ezio, who joins as the 56th Legend as part of the permanent roster He is joined by Eivor, who is the latest Legend to join as part of the Epic Crossover[...]