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Grow Up Is The New Grow Home Sequel Announced At E3
Grow Home was a bit of an indie darling and it absolutely has fans on the ground People really liked it a lot and it has become a cult hit with lots of lovers. That is why it is not surprising that the game is getting a sequel It's called Grow Up and B.U.D is going[...]
Grow Home Voted The PlayStation Plus Game For September
That result is in now, and Grow Home will be the game we're enjoy in just a week or two. Announcing the success, here is a cute little video thanking fans for the support I actually haven't played Grow Home, but I've heard fantastic things This is the perfect chance to catch up on it. can't[...]
Ubisoft's Grow Home Features Procedurally Generated Climbing
Last years Child of Light was a prime example and these smaller projects really add diversity and quality to the studio's portfolio. In that vain, Ubisoft  have announced Grow Home, a game where you play as botanically interested droid, BUD as you climb a mysterious beanstalk-like plant On Ubiblog, the game was described as thus: Grow Home[...]