"Castlevania" Season 3: Warren Ellis – "We're Just Finishing Something Up Over Here" [VIDEO]

So remember that time last year when Netflix made that "mistake" that got eager fans waiting for news on a release date for Castlevania season 3 believing it was coming in early January 2020? The one that the streamer then revealed was a mistake? Looks like "early 2020" might still be a serious possibility – though clearly that "January" was way off (our bad).


Noted author and Castlevania writer/producer/creator Warren Ellis took to Twitter on Monday to post a mini-video update on "something" fans of the series seem pretty interested in – a "something" that looks to be getting a final "polish-n-shine":

In early January, Powerhouse Animation posted how excited they were for 2020 with a ten-ton hint in the form of "2020" spelled out in vampire emojis. A few days later, they followed up that tweet with a Netflix screenshot of the Castlevania streaming page that confirms a new season is coming, with this message: "Castlevania Season 3? Hmm… interesting… @FrederatorS @netflix"

"Castlevania" Season 3: Warren Ellis – "We're Just Finishing Something Up Over Here" [VIDEO]

Ellis took some time out from New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2019 to sit down with Bleeding Cool's Mike Sangregorio to discuss the show and the method behind crafting what many consider to be the finest video game adaptation of all time.

Here, Ellis addresses what it was like working with Castlevania and how he decided what part of its existing canon he wanted to put his unique spin on:

"I have never played any of the games, never even looked at them. I wrote this entire show using Wikipedia and fanpages so I wasn't really aware of any of that. When I was originally contacted, some 10 years ago, Kevin Kolde, our Executive Producer, pointed me at a specific part of the game's sequence that he thought would make a good film (Note: This is the game Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse). In absence of a better idea I dug in there and started pulling things out and pulling stuff out from other games and making some stuff up to fill it out.

It's hard to think in terms of a mythos or canon when you're talking about 8-bit sprites jumping around under one sentence. It's not like there's a lot of textual material there to dig at. I did what I could. I mostly went to the things it put me in mind of rather than the thing itself. Once I did enough reading I realized how similar it was to the Hammer Horror movies that I grew up with. Many of which were set in Eastern Europe and many of which featured vampires. At some point I realized I was just doing my own Hammer Horror film."

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