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DC Comics Cancels Orders for Warren Elli and Ramon Villalobos' Wildcats #1-3

Could Warren Ellis's Wildcats Still Be A Thing? "Never Say Never…"

In August, Bleeding Cool ran the story that the planned Wildcats comic book by Warren Ellis, Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain, based on DC Comics Publisher Jim Lee's original series and a follow-up to Warren Ellis' The Wild Storm two-year series – was no longer happening as planned It had been taken off the schedules, retailer orders cancelled, with a[...]


Warren Ellis to Write Evil Robot Dinosaur Batman in Death Metal

That the Death Metal editor Marie Javins got Warren Ellis to write about an evil Robot Dinosaur Batman for a few pages in the upcoming Dark Nights: Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights #1 Marie was the editor who first brought Warren to Marvel, by persuading him to take on the Hellstorm comic, his first published[...]


Warren Ellis Planned a New Comic Book Imprint – Until Things Changed

In Warren Ellis' newsletter - which goes out to 24,000 people but that's probably a fraction of those who would enjoy and get something out of it - Ellis talks about his plans in the light of the current global situation Including news that he was building a comic book imprint that is no more[...]

Alucard and his allies consider their next move in this scene from Castlevania, courtesy of Netflix

Castlevania Review Season 3 A Dream Binge Watch for Moody Goth Teens

Isaac has to fight his way through a lot of assholes, pausing only to appreciate the tiny handful of people who are decent to him. Castlevania Is Warren Ellis Unfiltered Warren Ellis’ script shows he’s the same writer he was when he started in the 1990s His recurring themes are all on full display in unfiltered form[...]


"Castlevania" Season 4 Gets Netflix's Blessing [VIDEO]

Only three weeks after its third season debut, Netflix and writer/producer/creator Warren Ellis announced that Castlevania will be returning for a fourth season The news was posted via social media, and shared by members of the cast and creative - and though it confirms the anime's return, it (understandably) was lacking in more specific details.[caption id="attachment_1186064"[...]


"Castlevania": Warren Ellis Posts New Season 3 Artwork [PREVIEW]

With an official trailer released on days ago and the series staking its claim on the streaming service come March 5, you're now living in the "sweet spot" when you can expect some interesting (and sometimes random) promotional drops.Case-in-point: writer/producer/creator Warren Ellis, who took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a piece of amazing artwork[...]


"Castlevania" Offers Up Season 3 Trailer as Bloody Valentine to Fans [VIDEO]

I mean, it's been awhile since we last checked in on Alucard - and considering the condition he was in then? Let's just say we're a little concerned...Well, good things come to those who wait (and have more patience than us) as the streaming service is using the occasion of Valentine's Day to release the[...]

When Warren Ellis Made a Bot Think Kieron Gillen Had Died (He Hasn't)

When Warren Ellis Made a Bot Think Kieron Gillen Had Died (He Hasn't)

I also spent a lot of time in the love letter section about how to avoid becoming an active parastoid – as in, a parasite which kills the host. But writer Warren Ellis had a most amusing reply regarding the slide.he was not supposed to say that out loud my condolences to Kieron Gillen's family and friends[...]


"Castlevania" Season 3 Set for March; Season Poster Art Revealed [PREVIEW]

So remember that time last year when Netflix made that "mistake" that got eager fans waiting for news on a release date for Castlevania season 3 believing it was coming in early January 2020? The one that the streamer then revealed was a mistake? Looks like "early 2020" might still be a serious possibility -[...]

Batman's Grave

Did Bryan Hitch Cast David Niven as Alfred Pennyworth in The Batman's Grave?

pun arrived at in a happy accident.THE BATMAN'S GRAVE #3 (OF 12) (W) Warren Ellis (A) Kevin Nowland (A/CA) Bryan Hitch A corrupt politico dies by his own hand, but James Gordon is convinced there's something more to it Now, it's time to ask for access to the Batman's resources And that is why, right now, in[...]

Dynamite Publishes Warren Ellis James Bond Omnibus in February

And it seemed to work out.Anyway a few years later and Dynamite are to publish the James Bond: The Complete Warren Ellis Omnibus containing both his Bond stories for the publisher, drawn by Jason Masters And all the variant covers too, which probably given this is Dynamite, make up most of it Alongside they will[...]

How Gravel Led to Warren Ellis Being Part of Terminator: Dark Fate (Or Not)

And he brought up Warren Ellis' involvement and asked if any of Ellis' ideas made it through.Miller said, Not really, unfortunately I'm friends with Warren because I was briefly attached to Gravel [based on Ellis’ comic series of the same name] and we developed that together And Warren was gonna write a story for us in[...]