"Harley Quinn": DC Universe's Animated Anarchy Proves Bingeable Delight [REVIEW]

After months of putting it off, I finally caved and signed up for DC Universe — the DC streaming service. At this point, I'll need all the content I can get. To start my new DC bingewatch, I hunkered down in my room and turned on the show I've been most curious about. Harley Quinn.

harley quinn
DC Universe

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While I haven't been her biggest fan since her debut, I've slowly grown to love the character — largely due to Margot Robbie's performances of her. For starters, this cartoon is not for kids. This won't be a huge deal as adult animation has been in vogue for some time. The plot is simple; after finally breaking up with Joker, Harley sets off on her own. Her goal? To join the Legion of Doom. Joining in her hi-jinks are Poison Ivy, Doctor Psycho, Clayface, King Shark, and Sy Borgman. The characters in this show are portrayed beautifully well, and also differently than what we're used too.

The double act of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn is perfectly balanced here. This has been an ongoing trend with the infamous couple, and this show highlights this aspect of their relationship well. The traditional DC villains in this show don't present themselves as the butt of the jokes, or the odd people out. Instead they're mostly sympathetic, and largely human — in their own way.

On the flip side, our traditionally cool heroes are shown to be more clownish. Commissioner Gordon is shown as a coffee addicted guy who likely hasn't slept in years. Gordon has been one of my favorite DC characters for as long as I can remember, and this portrayal of him is outright great. It shows that yes, his job is stressful, and maybe he doesn't always keep his cool. Batman is shown as a true, 100% dick. And you know what? I love it. This show also shows that yes, the Joker is in love with Batman. And it's likely reciprocated.

The cast for this show is strong. Kaley Cuoco plays Harley extremely well, playing to her weirdness and vulgarity with grace and ease. Lake Bell's Ivy is deadpan and beautifully sarcastic. Voice actor legend Alan Tudyk provides a number of fun and great performances, such as Clayface, Joker, Calendar Man, and more — each one sounding different than the next.

My favorite has to be Chris Meloni, who plays Commissioner Gordon. He's clearly off kilter, and Meloni plays it up. The animation is reminiscent of your early 2000's hero shows such as Teen Titans or Justice League. Yet unlike those shows, this one is gracious with gore and violence — largely because it's a streaming show.

The first season is only 13 episodes long, making this the perfect show to binge. Season two will premier starting April 3, so you have plenty of time to catch up before the new season. Happy watching!

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