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Sam Humphries Not Allowed to Talk Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy Does Anyway

Sam Humphries Not Allowed to Talk Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, Does Anyway

I'll give this to Sam Humphries, he goes out there and faces his public, whatever the issue. We first came to know his work at Bleeding Cool with the glorious 'what if Judge Dredd was in a sexual relationship with his dog' comic book, Our Love Is Real, which deservedly thrust Humphries into comic book […]

Zombie Batman and More DC Comics Statues Arrive with Diamond

Zombie Batman and More DC Comics Statues Arrive with Diamond

Diamond Select Toys is making the dead walk again as some of their newest statues are revealed. As things are slowing starting to get back on track that means more collectible releases and lucky for us some new DC Comics statues are headed our way. Two of which are from the hot highly popular zombie […]

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Harley Quinn's First Appearance Could Be Yours from ComicConnect

Harley Quinn has been on a roll since she first appeared in Batman Adventures #12. The clown princess of crime was initially introduced as the Joker's girlfriend and found legions of fans thanks to the popular Batman: The Animated Series show. In a mere three years, DC fans will be celebrating 30 years of Harley, […]

You Could Be The Next Owner of This Batman 181 from ComicConnect!

You Could Be The Next Owner of This Batman #181 from ComicConnect

Batman has a colorful variety of rogues in his gallery — yet none as naturally intoxicating as Poison Ivy. Dr. Pamela Isley made her glorious debut in Batman #181 released in the spring of 1966. With her trademark red hair and ivy costume, this femme fatale would become one of the more popular characters in […]

Poison Ivy Heoes In Crisis

What Did DC Comics Expect From Poison Ivy in Heroes In Crisis?

Recently, Bleeding Cool has been talking a bot about the portrayal of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy at DC Comics. It seems a little on the odd side, with editorial making changes to remove the previously-approved relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and trying to scrub it from the comic book history – all […]


Clownhunter and Harley Quinn Join Batman #96 and #97

We just ran a Frankensteining of DC Comics' plans for August 2020 before DC Comics announce the lot later today, but they are still seeking a few out first. Such as following up on James Tynion IV's Clownhnter reveal from yesterday. With Jorge Jimenez design covers of Clownhunter and Harley Quinn fr Batman #96 and […]

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Sam Humphries Says DC Won't Let Him Use Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn

Bleeding Cool previously reported that CBR chose not to ask Harley Quinn writer Sam Humphries about the absence of Poison Ivy in the Harley Quinn comic since he took over writing the title. Especially with her currently-expressed crush on Booster Gold. But when Humphries was doing a Live Video Chat, that seemed to be what […]

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Harley Quinn Loves Booster Gold… To Death?

Yesyerday, I looked at an interview that Sam Humphries gave to DC Comics media partner CBR about yesterday's new issue of Harley Quinn, which featured quite a getting-to-know-you between Harley and Booster . With Humphries saying he was inspired to bring them closer together after what he detected as a frisson in the Heroes In […]

Retailers Get Exclusive Covers For Harley Quinn #75 and Joker War.

Retailer Custom Covers For Harley Quinn #75, Punchline and Joker War

Harley Quinn #75 would originally have been solicited for July, but will now be coming out of August. DC Comics will be releasing their August solicitation details on Friday, but we are getting a look ahead at Harley Quinn #75 in order for DC Comics to persuade comic book stores to sign up for exclusive […]


Was Heroes In Crisis About Harley Quinn Falling For Booster Gold?

Everyone has hot takes about one thing or another. I was of the opinion the Principal Honey was the good guy of Riverdale since day one, and trying to cancel the school's annual musical was proof positive. Also, the TV series of Heathers was ace, especially before it was bowdlerised. Oh and Bojeffries Saga is […]

Fanboys should get ready to get their "feels" hurt on Harley Quinn, courtesy of DC Universe.

Harley Quinn's Message to Snyder Cut and Last Jedi-Hating Fanboys

DC Universe's Harley Quinn has been having a pretty good run of things lately. First and foremost, we have the second season currently underway on the streaming service (with the fifth episode "Batman's Back Man" dropping today) that finds Harley (Kaley Cuoco) and her crew dealing with a Gotham City that's gone the "No Man's […]

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Margot Robbie in Birds of Prey (2020). Images courtesy of Warner Bros.

Dark Knight: Anne Hathaway Thought She Auditioned for Harley Quinn

The Dark Knight trilogy remains the best live-action adaptations of Batman. When Anne Hathaway came in for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Catwoman wasn't what she had in mind. In fact, she thought she auditioned for Harley Quinn. The Academy Award-winning actress spoke to BBC Radio 1 about her embarrassing first meeting with […]

Harley Quinn needs a few questions answered, courtesy of DC Universe.

Harley Quinn Takes Over SYFY's Sunday Nights Starting In May

When Harley Quinn returned for a second season to the DC Universe streaming service, neither the series nor the anti-hero hero (Kaley Cuoco) had any interest in doing things the "same old, same old." Her Harley-ness is not only premiering overseas next month on the UK's E4 (paired up with a returning Rick and Morty) […]

Rick and Morty returns May 7 to UK's E4, courtesy of Adult Swim.

Rick and Morty Sets May Return to UK's E4; Harley Quinn Joining Them

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Rick and Morty is set to return to Adult Swim with the five-episode, second-half of season 4 on Sunday, May 3, but its interdimensional world tour doesn't stop there. Our destructive duo is set to return to the UK's E4 on Thursday, May 7, and when they do? They're bringing […]


DC Direct Creates New Zoom Backgrounds Featuring Statues & Figures

DC Direct has jumped onto the Zoom backgrounds bandwagon. The company has created a whole bunch of backgrounds featuring various figures and statue lines the company has released these last couple of years. Batman Black and White collectors will be most interested in the statue one, as it can also work as a sort of […]

Harley Quinn's story arc was not ideal in Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Agrees Harley Was Explotied In Film

Suicide Squad director David Ayer took to Twitter to discuss the treatment of Harley Quinn in the 2016 film. While extremely popular, some felt that Harley was exploited in the movie. Her costume was a skimpy shirt and booty shorts, and her abusive relationship with The Joker was celebrated. Naturally, some fans took issue with […]

Mondo will seel two new Batman The Animated Series posters tomorrow.

Batman Week: New Animated Series Posters, Catwoman Figure From Mondo

Batman Week continues this week as Mondo is releasing new Batman The Animated Series posters and a new Catwoman figure tomorrow on The Drop. The posters feature artwork based on episodes from the series by artist Phantom City Creative. The two episodes featured here are "Dreams in Darkness" and "Harley's Holiday". Both posters will, of […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Hot Toys Figure

Harley Quinn Gets an Arkham Knight Figure from Hot Toys

Hot Toys has announced that another figure from Batman: Arkham Knight is headed our way. The Joker is out of the picture and Harley Quinn is ready for her time in the spotlight. This new 1/6th scale figure shows off the harlequin red, black, and white outfit for the classic video game. There will be […]

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Batman #93: Punchline Knows the Joker's Batman Obsession [Spoilers]

Bleeding Cool talked about reading this week's upcoming Batman #92 earlier. We have also been sent a copy of Batman #93, scheduled two weeks hence. And given that we will all still probably be experiencing the coronavirus lockdown then, it seems opportune that it takes the plot of #92. The Riddler has locked down Gotham […]


Batman #92 Sees Gotham On Lock Down And No One Able To Leave The House

I'm not entirely sure how but I appear to have found myself with copies of Batman #92, out this week digitally (and maybe more) and of Batman #93, the final chapters of the first James Tynion Batman arc Dark Designs, and kicking off the subsequent Joker War. Now, I know Bleeding Cool is famous for […]