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The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon S01E01 Review: A TWD French Revolution
And from the preview for the season, we learn that Daryl made it up to the coast of Maine (which means there should be some backstory coming) But the very end – where we learn that Daryl did some serious damage on a shady ship engaging in walker experimentations before being thrown overboard – leaves[...]
Only Murders In The Building S03E06 Review: Flushing the President
This may be the only thing that threw off my review for this episode It didn't completely ruin the episode in the end, but it certainly didn't help it reach its full potential and launch us successfully into episode seven. Charles (Steve Martin) goes bonkers in a supply closet, Mabel (Selena Gomez) starts to lose[...]
New Oppenheimer Poster Has Been Released Spotlighting "The Gadget"
The conversation is one that we will continue having, and we review the movie in front of us, and the performance we have from Murphy is top tier This cast is stacked with fantastic actors all around, and there really isn't anyone who puts in a bad performance It's lovely to see Alden Ehrenreich in[...]
Strays Review: No Amount Of Dick Jokes Can Make Animal Neglect Funny
There is some very niche humor in there and some genuinely funny moments, but this was made for a short, not a full film, because the reality of what these animals have gone through and will go through becomes harder to ignore the longer the film goes on. Strays certainly might be a comedy for some people,[...]
FlexiSpot E7 Pro Series Premium Standing Desk: Workday Dream (REVIEW)
And that's when Bleeding Cool's Games Editor Gavin Sheehan gave me the heads-up that FlexiSpot was looking for us to give their E7 Pro Series Premium Standing Desk (E7 Pro) a try and offer our thoughts. Image: FlexiSpot Well, the timing couldn't be more perfect because they needed a review, and I needed a desk[...]
strange new worlds
As the ensigns Boimler, Mariner, Tendi (Noël Wells), and Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) take a group photo in front of the portal, it triggers the device sucking Boimler by taking him to the live-action universe and in front of the away team of the Enterprise as fans who seen the preview from The Ready Room are[...]