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The Good Place: Jacinto, Harper Comment on Megan Amram Tweets

Earlier this week, The Good Place co-executive producer Megan Amram took to social media to apologize for a number of racist, prejudice, and anti-Semitic tweets posted between 2011 and 2013 that recently surfaced. Now two members of the recently-wrapped NBC series are speaking out. First up, Manny Jacinto (Jason) posted a message of support for Amram. While noting that the tweets were "definitely inexcusable," Jacinto says Amram has always been "loving, kind, and supportive." as well as someone who uses her professional positions to promote diversity and representation. Referring to Amram as "an ally and friend," Jacinto said he hoped others would look beyond her past and judge her on what she's done with her life up until now:

The Good Place
Chidi and Jason from The Good Place (Image: NBC)

William Harper Jackson (Chidi) perspective was different, calling himself out for what he felt was too long of a wait before responding to Amram's tweets. In the following two tweets, Harper also called out the racist comments "being said about our Asian brothers and sisters." Apparently, Harper was called out for not addressing the other groups disparaged by Amram because he offers a third tweet that also addressed ableism and anti-semitism:

Amram's tweets contained racist jokes about Asian-Americans, Jewish people, and individuals with disabilities. In a statement posted to social media on Wednesday night, Amram looked to apologize for her posts: "I fear this will not convey everything that I want it to, but I am speaking from the heart and trying my best to communicate my sincere regret. I am deeply embarrassed and more apologetic than you can ever know. My instinct is to share the varying degrees of explanation for every tweet that has offended, but I know full well there are no excuses. I will be sorry for as long as I live that I have hurt even one person, and I very much understand why my words have hurt many more. Also, I specifically would like to apologize to the Asian American community, who I have hurt most with my tweets. I very much understand why you are hurt."

The Good Place
The Good Place Co-EP Megan Amram's old tweets

Amram would go on to explain how she feels she's changed since the time of those posts, ending with an apology for staying silent for so long before making a promise to do better moving forward: "I have been silent on this in the hopes that my current actions would speak louder than my past words, and that was my mistake, but I would like to make it very clear now how deeply sorry I am. I'm not posting the tweets here since I do not want to hurt people again with those words. But I want to be very clear: I am sorry. I mean it and I will prove that every day for the rest of my life." You can check out Amram's statement in its entirety below (followed by Amram's original post):

The Good Place
The Good Place Co-EP Megan Amram's Twitter statement

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