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Keith Lee Addresses His WWE Release In A Twitter Statement
Arguably the most shocking and disheartening of the large number of wrestlers released by WWE last week was that of former NXT Champion Keith Lee.  Fans were positive that Lee had all of the special qualities necessary to blow past WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's creative Death Star blast, but alas as many, many times before, the[...]
Comics Folk React To Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Outage Of 2021
What is a comic book creator who lives on social media to do? Why, go on Twitter of course… Fred Van Lente: I generally ignore #DeleteFacebook because I rarely use it, but am now having second thoughts; today a fake account has been asking my friends to re-friend it instead The trick to tell between the[...]
Mark Millar, James Tynion IV Gerry Duggan Talk Getting Off Twitter And More
It's Twitter time! Sometimes comics creators collide and align independently in coincidental ways, X-Men and Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and Man-Thing, Dennis The Menace, and… Dennis The Menace This week saw James Tynion IV, Mark Millar, and Gerry Duggan newsletters address Twitter and beyond Batman writer and Substack exodus leader James Tynion IV writes about his[...]
Johnny Gargano And Candice LeRae Are Expecting Their First Child
Former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano and former NXT Women's Tag Team Champion Candice LeRae announced on Twitter this morning that they are expecting their first child in February 2022  The storyline and real-life couple have been married since September 2016 and have always had their relationship featured as part of their NXT characters. Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae[...]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Speculation: Is Waluigi DLC #11?
At the very start of July 21st, 2021 (by way of Eastern Time), Masahiro Sakurai, known for creating Nintendo's famous crossover brawler game series Super Smash Bros., tweeted out a post on Twitter celebrating the birth of the character Waluigi, by way of 2000's Mario Tennis title However, it is quite possible that in doing so, Sakurai may[...]
DC Removes Zack Snyder Cut of Batman Going Down on Catwoman
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. DC Comics Vs Zack Snyder's Twitter in the Daily LITG, 28th June 2021 DC Comics Vs Zack Snyder's Twitter – The Daily LITG, 28th June 2021 The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling[...]
Writers Vs Artists In Comics Breaks Out One More Time On Social Media
artist now, that means next week should be…comics piracy? Joe Glass: So apparently the discourse is writers vs artists again on Comics Twitter, but I'll be honest I have not seen a single bit of it And for that I am thankful Joe Glass is the winner everyone! I remember this breaking out back in the days[...]
CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]
 So seeing as WWE is indeed in a weird and uncertain place in the wake of them releasing six big-name stars yesterday and rumors about WWE being for sale running wilder than coke-fueled Hulkamania in 1986, guess what happened today? CM Punk has called out WWE on Twitter in the wake of their recent troubles, courtesy[...]
Mick Foley Urges WWE and Vince McMahon To Create An All-Women Brand
 The question is, do WWE and head honcho Vince McMahon respond the same way? WWE legend Mick Foley has publicly called on WWE to create an all-women brand, courtesy of WWE. Mick Foley is quite outspoken and opinionated on his social media platforms and today, he took to his Twitter page to pitch WWE and Vince himself[...]
Magic Esports Twitter Mistakes MPL Pro In Bizarre "Obituary" Tweet
Yesterday, a tweet thread started by the official Magic: The Gathering Esports Twitter account gave brief obituaries to those who lost their placement in the Magic Pro League However, one strange case came out of the thread of tweets where Ally Warfield, one of these pros, was seemingly mistaken for another pro entirely This chain of[...]
One of those reacting to the news was Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt, who took to Twitter to cite the news as another example of why she left the church: "There's a reason I'm not catholic anymore Love is Love"- with a follow-up tweet that puts the Pope on notice about what he can expect from[...]