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Magic Esports Twitter Mistakes MPL Pro In Bizarre "Obituary" Tweet
Yesterday, a tweet thread started by the official Magic: The Gathering Esports Twitter account gave brief obituaries to those who lost their placement in the Magic Pro League However, one strange case came out of the thread of tweets where Ally Warfield, one of these pros, was seemingly mistaken for another pro entirely This chain of[...]
One of those reacting to the news was Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt, who took to Twitter to cite the news as another example of why she left the church: "There's a reason I'm not catholic anymore Love is Love"- with a follow-up tweet that puts the Pope on notice about what he can expect from[...]
Controversial Tony DeAngelo Placed on Waivers by New York Rangers
 DeAngelo was an active Twitter user and hosted a podcast, Watch Your Tone, and on both, his primary focus was on politics  DeAngelo would often comment on former President Donald Trump and his administration's controversies, voicing his adamant support for Trump and his divisive policies  He would engage in heated back and forths with anyone who[...]
Marvel's Twitter Mistakenly Hid "Gay" Guardians Of The Galaxy Comments
Which saw lots of folks reply excitedly to the news to Marvel's Twitter feed with the exclamation "Gays In Space!" or a variant of that As one might. Twitter screencap Except Twitter users discovered that any such exclamation or similar was diverted to Marvel's "hidden replies" Which meant that general users couldn't see those replies when viewing[...]
You Can Play The Original Pokemon Red On A Twitter Account
There's a Twitter account that's been gaining popularity this week as it allows you to play the original Pokémon Red frame by frame Many of you may be familiar with the Twitch channel Twitch Plays Pokémon, in which the channel owner allows you and whoever else drops into their chat to play the game by[...]
You Have 20 Pages Of Superhero Comics...
Anyway, this is the sort of shit Naoki Urasawa does all fucking day and it's SO GOOD and he keeps the tension up, anyone skating along through here wanting to see this done well, go read MONSTER Gleb Melnikov: no lies here Donny Cates: Fun to wake up to comics Twitter dismantling three pages of a book I[...]
Alton Brown takes stock of stock in Good Eats: Reloaded (Image: Cooking Channel)
Presidential election between Joe Biden/Kamala Harris and Trump/Pence has finally taken its toll on him- and he let it be known via Twitter in what we're assuming/hoping/would-be-even-more-concerned-if-it-wasn't tirade that combined rage, the willy-nilly use of showers, liquor, and possibly some of the best stoner menu items you could imagine. Alton Brown takes stock of stock in[...]