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As Everyone In Comics Leaves Twitter, Dan DiDio Returns
Over six years ago, the then-DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio left Twitter DiDio is now, of course, editor-in-chief of Frank Miller Presents, and writing Ancient Enemies for the new publisher, the first issue of which came out this week alongside Ronin Book Two #1 I picked up both comics and tweeted about it And it[...]
Stephen King: Elon Musk/Twitter "Terrible Fit"; Stick to Cars, Rockets
As Elon Musk counts down the days until he turns Twitter into a bigger cesspool than he already when he allowing impeached reality show host Donald Trump and walking disaster Kanye West back on, legendary author Stephen King is once again calling out "The Musk-eteer" for his handling of Twitter Except for this time, King's[...]
The Walking Dead, Titans, Rick and Morty & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes AMC's The Walking Dead Cinematographer Duane Charles Manwiller sharing an image from an alternate series ending, HBO Max's Titans name-dropping Constantine and Swamp Thing quite a bit, Elon Musk teasing a new Twitter verification system because he's bored, and Adult Swim's Rick and Morty hinting that Rick might be[...]
Elon Musk Announcing New Twitter Verification Plan That Stuck To Wall
Yesterday, we learned that the man-child who brought you the return of disgraced impeached reality show host Donald Trump and failed Adidas businessman Kanye West to Twitter wasn't quite done trying to get attention Because he chose Thanksgiving as the day to shit on everyone's Corn Flakes by announcing a general amnesty for suspended accounts[...]
Our line-up for this morning includes Disney+'s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special ringing in the holidays right, Paramount+ dropping the first episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution for free on YouTube, Disney & Thanksgiving 2023 possibly playing a factor in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary, clarifying when a James Gunn Green Lantern "scoop" isn't[...]
Since The Grinch has already cornered the market on f***ing up Christmas, metaphorical Twitter hostage-taker Elon Musk decided to s**t on folks' Thanksgiving with the news that the social media service will be offering "general amnesty to suspended accounts" as long as they have "not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam." Which means[...]
Elon Musk Responds to Stephen King after 10 Hours- That's What We Get?
So the last time we checked in on the raging dumpster fire that is Elon Musk's regime running Twitter like it's his own personal social media fiefdom (we're just assuming) to compensate for a lot of things that might be lacking, Musk had turned reinstating Donald Trump into a weird little three-ring circus and then[...]
Star Trek: Kate Mulgrew Goes Full Janeway on Elon Musk’s Twitter Mess
Kate Mulgrew is certainly not alone when it comes to her disdain for billionaire mogul Elon Musk and his controversial takeover of Twitter While some can argue that his radical actions rival that nefarious Star Trek villain Harry Mudd, that might be giving him too much credit The actress, who currently stars in Star Trek:[...]
Elon Musk, Kanye West & Donald Trump: World's Worst Boy Band Begins?
Capitol as he enjoys the support of white supremacists & tinfoil hat-rockin' conspiracy whackjobs by letting him back on Twitter, you're sending a message And what that message screams is that you're painfully lacking in even the basic foundations of being what would pass as a decent human being Well, Elon Musk doubled down on[...]
Warrior Nun
Our line-up for this morning includes Warrior Nun Composer Tangelene Bolton discussing work on the second season, Michael Connelly possibly setting Harry Bosch's endgame in motion, Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa interviewing new co-star Millie Gibson, AEW Full Gear offering some serious title changes (but maybe not the one you thought), hardcore AMC's The Walking[...]
Mediocre SNL Host Allows Impeached Reality Show Guy Back on Twitter
If you've been connected online in any way, shape, or form over the past few weeks, then we're pretty sure you're aware of what a dumpster fire of a dumpster fire Elon Musk has turned Twitter into in just the very short period of he's owned it (after reportedly paying way more than it was[...]
Comic Creators React to Whatever it is Elon Musk is Doing With Twitter
Twitter Elon Musk And all that jazz Apparently, the latest has former Twitter employees finding they still have internal access as the people in charge of removing it may have quit Here are what a bunch of comic book folk have been posting on Twitter in what may be their final tweets, depending how this[...]
Magic: The Gathering Deckbuilder Moxfield Announces Social Network
With all of the hubbub going around surrounding Twitter and its new lone director and owner, Elon Musk, Magic: The Gathering players (among many other demographics) have been deep in thought, considering their options on where to go if the social networking site ever crumbles In this line of thinking, on November 11th, the owners of Moxfield,[...]
Marvel Has An Official Twitter Blue Tick, DC Comics Does Not
I have a blue check on Twitter, as a Media Personality I know, get me But I am the world's longest-serving online news reporter, reporting on the comics industry online, before we even had websites, since 1992 This is my thirtieth year Harry Knowles came after me Never mind the quality, feel the longevity So[...]
Elon Musk Gives WWE "Official" Status on Twitter But Snubs AEW
After years of billionaire playboy and AEW owner Tony Khan persecuting The Chadster by running AEW and competing with WWE, an even richer billionaire has struck back! Twitter's new owner, Elon Musk, has introduced a new feature where anyone can pay $8/month to receive a blue checkmark, the traditional symbol of "verified" status But to[...]
Braun Strowman Has Again Stuck His Large Foot In His Large Mouth
 But even after being released by WWE last year and then being given another chance recently, it appears Strowman hasn't evolved much and is back to using his social media to antagonize his industry mates completely unprovoked. Braun Strowman, this past Saturday after defeating Omos at Crown Jewel, courtesy of WWE. After defeating the gigantic Omos at this[...]
James Gunn/DCU, Musk/Twitter, Sandman, ST5 & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes Netflix's Stranger Things 5 dropping big intel on the final season's opener, DC Studios' co-head James Gunn addressing the DCU fans via Twitter, Neil Gaiman explaining how casting for everyone appearing in Netflix's The Sandman Season 2 (including Delirium) works, and Elon Musk enjoying "free speech" until it splashes[...]
Elon Musk Adds Twitter Rule After Free Speech Hits Too Close To Home
After spending months (and way too much money) on Twitter preaching about his "open door" policy when it comes to freedom of speech on the social media service, it only took nine days for new owner Elon Musk to realize that he's not a big fan of free speech when it's used against him On[...]
The Last of Us, Musk/Twitter, Crystal Lake & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes HBO leaking the premiere date for The Last of Us, Elon Musk getting one-upped by Stephen King & making "blue-checkers" (literally) pay for it via Twitter, Bryan Fuller confirming that Peacock's Crystal Lake can use anything from the "Friday the 13th" film franchise, and The CW's new network overlords[...]
Earlier today, Elon Musk confirmed via tweet that verified Twitter accounts ("blue-checkers") will now cost $8 per month to obtain or keep Of course, if you need to know where all of this is going (unless a ton of "blue-checkers" opt to check out), look no further than this "interesting" line in his series of[...]
Why's Elon Musk Negotiating Twitter Blue Check Fees with Stephen King?
So when he had something to say about SNL host Elon Musk's plan to charge those folks on Twitter with verified accounts ("blue-checkers"), we were all ears And it did not disappoint because we knew there was no way that Musk could resist responding So what follows is a very opinionated, not objective, rundown of[...]
WebComic Spam Bots Are "Riveting And Full Of Surprises"
Given that there is so little interaction with any of these posts, can they really be getting value for their robot Twitter spambots? They all link to a digital comic book publisher called BiliBili Comics, a Singapore digital manga webtoon comic book publisher who has clearly found a new way to market themselves that is[...]
doctor who
Twitter" Elon Musk? Actually? No But when Musk tweeted an image from Starbase of some rocket engines, there was no way we could look at it and not think that we were viewing an early prototype of what would become one of the universe's biggest nightmares And then we started thinking about Musk as Davros,[...]
Mark Millar, James Tynion IV Gerry Duggan Talk Getting Off Twitter And More
JH Williams III asked on Twitter "Are we about to see the beginning of the great apocalyptic exodus from Twitter?" The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk for the kind of sum that could solve world hunger has caused a few people to worry about their place in the social media network. Twitter cartoon A number have[...]
When JK Rowling Quote-Tweeted Andrew Wheeler
Like women, they – especially lesbians – are under attack for not wishing to be redefined and for refusing to use ideological language they find offensive." Andrew Wheeler, a gay man who has been writing extensively in, around and about queer matters, replied in concern on Twitter, saying "You are empowering far right forces that endanger[...]
The Witcher
Earlier today, Hissrich took to Twitter once again, this time to apologize and to clarify what her Twitter account will be moving forward (with Hissrich heading to London in a week to begin prep on Season 3). The Witcher (Image: Netflix) Beginning the series of tweets with a retweet of a graphic explaining the "Paradox of Tolerance" by[...]
The Witcher Showrunner Brings Peace to Twitter; Middle East Next?
Or as she puts it a hundred times better in a recent tweet, "my open-minded, reach-across-the-aisle, debate-welcoming self is still a triple-vaxxed feminist BLM liberal who lives in Hollywood." The Witcher showrunner's advice to everyone looking to engage moving forward? "Adjust your expectations accordingly." Here's a look at the tweet: The Great Twitter Peace Accord has[...]
We Need Elmo's Chaotic Energy, But Not The Rock's Cringey Tweets
Elmo's not afraid of confrontation, the dude has beef with Zoe's pet rock, Rocco to be exact, even though he doesn't wish to discuss it on Twitter apparently If there ever was a tweet that felt like a weapon was aimed at a puppet while it drafted up a statement, it would be Elmo reiterating[...]
Matt Hardy Asks Fans To Not Jump To Any Conclusions In Vague Post
 Jeff's brother, former WWE star, and current AEW star Matt Hardy hasn't spoken directly on his brother's situation after his release but has taken to his official Twitter to make some vague if not suggestive posts that many believe are him speaking on his brother's current and future situation. Jeff and Matt Hardy, aka The Hardy Boyz,[...]