Travis Charest Variants of Black Widow #1 Hit Stores on May 27th

The new Black Widow comic was meant to come out at the beginning of April, ahead of the new Black Widow movie in May. However both were delayed due to the current global situation. The Black Widow first issue of the comic was printed, however, and held at Diamond Comic Distributors alone with all the others. It wasn't listed in Marvel's current schedule, and the movie delay was considered the reason for that.
It's just part of Marvel Comics' Back In Action programme that we previously reported on. Marvel will be sending copies of the Travis Charest variant cover to retailers as promotional items. And maybe to encourage orders on FOC for later in the year. Whether Marvel will delay the comic closer to the movie's November release, or if they will go early, is yet to be determined.

Here's a look at the original Black Widow solicitation and Travis' cover, coming to stores for the week or Wednesday, May the 27th, the second week that Marvel will be shipping comics to retailers through Diamond.