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New Black Widow Trailer Teases Natasha's Past Plus New Images
Between July and December, we have four Marvel movies coming, and the first big one is Black Widow One of the movies that had to be delayed due to COVID-19 and earlier this year, Marvel and Disney decided to pull the trigger on a hybrid release in theaters and as a premier offering on Disney+[...]
Hailstone Horror Anthology to Launch as Comixology Original
Civil War, written by Rafael Scavone (A Study in Emerald, Hit-Girl and Funny Creek), illustrated by Rafael de Latorre (SuperZero, Animosity and Black Widow) with colors by Wesllei Manoel, letters by Bernardo Brice, and edited by Bis Stringer Horne. "Hailtstone #1" cover art, Comixology, Stout Club Entertainment The 5-issue limited series will be released monthly beginning May 11, 2021,[...]
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by the time Black Widow releases on July 9th, it will have been two full years Let that sink in for a minute This trailer of sorts welcomes us back, shows the first footage from Eternals, and also debuts some new titles to films we knew were coming Check it out and cry below. can't[...]
Black Widow title splash by Harry Sahle, Marvel Comics 1941.
Originally the third comic book title launched by Timely/Marvel publisher Martin Goodman after Marvel Mystery Comics and Daring Mystery Comics, anthology series Mystic Comics is one of the overlooked gems of Marvel's earliest comics-publishing days.  Mystic Comics #5 represents a relaunch of sorts for the title, showing up seven months after issue #4 under the[...]
Avengers #44 Review: Wildly Nonsensical
Black Panther! Black Widow vs Shanna the She-Devil! Namor vs She-Hulk! All of this ultimately pointless pugilism happens while Thor grapples with a terrifying revelation that's the equivalent of a Maury Povich surprise If you had plugged a few quarters into an arcade game and ended up with this selection of heroes, you might think[...]
Black Widow has hopefully seen the last delay as Disney has finally pulled the plug and gave the movie a hybrid release They can only push these movies back so many times before the Marvel machine starts to fall apart Now that we have another release date, that means it's time for a new trailer,[...]
Taskmaster #5 Review: Shining A Light Into Gray Spaces
The segues between voiceover narration and engaging dialogue cut as well as his sword, while Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Taskmaster himself all make taciturn fascinating Likewise, the visuals from Alessandro Vitti, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna are very effective in showing the action (there is such a great fight scene here with the Black Widow)[...]
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The WonderCon 2021 Funko Soda Exclusives will consist of: Ad Icons – Woodsy Owl – 7,500 Pieces – Flocked Chase Variant Hanna-Barbara Wacky Races – Lil' Gruesome – Limited Edition 5,000 Pieces – Red Color Chase Variant The Land of the Lost – Sleestak – Limited Edition 1,500 Pieces – Golden Chase Variant Disney – Coco – Miguel –[...]
Black Widow, Cruella Shift to Disney+ Hybrid Releases and More Delays
The biggest one is that Black Widow got another delay, this time to July 9th, but is also getting a premier access release just like Mulan and Raya and the Last Dragon, so we can assume that the latter went well for them. Cruella is another movie that is going for a hybrid release; only it's not getting a new[...]
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Marvel fans have waited over a year for the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Black Widow The film was originally was slated for May 2020, but due to the unforeseen circumstances of 2020, it was shuffled off to May 2021 As fans wait to see Black Widow's long overdue solo film, collectors[...]
New Marvel Statues Coming From DST with X-Men and Black Widow
Lastly, we are getting a new Marvel Premier Black Widow statue that shows off Natasha in a dynamic pose as she runs into the fight This might statue is fully detailed, priced at $175, and will be getting a 3,000 limited edition run Each of these and more Diamond Select Toys statues are up for[...]
The cover to Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 from Marvel.
If you haven't heard enough about Marvel's upcoming Heroes Reborn event yet, well, then we've got another helping coming for you!  In May, Marvel will release the one-shot Heroes Reborn: Siege Society, where we will see classic Captain America villain Baron Zemo form and lead a super team to go head-to-head with the Squadron Supreme, the superhero[...]
Black Widow Still Set as a Theatrical Release, Disney Remains Flexible
Disney didn't announce or talk about anything that we didn't already know, but CEO Bob Chapek did squash one of those rumors that have been running around the internet since the summer of last year; is Black Widow going to Disney+? At the moment, it sounds like that isn't the case, and they still intend[...]
WandaVision's Jac Schaeffer Talks Writing Relatable Superheroes
For Head Writer of WandaVision Jac Schaeffer, she is in a unique position that she has the opportunity to write for someone like Wanda Maximoff, one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Natasha Romanoff, one of the most human members of the Avengers with the work she did on the Black[...]