Andor: Don't Expect to See Rogue One's K-2SO Any Time Soon

Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy and star Diego Luna have a perfectly logistical reason why we shouldn't expect Rogue One (2016) re-programmed imperial droid K-2SO any time soon. The character voiced by Alan Tudyk became a Star Wars fan favorite for its hulking frame only matched by its witty charm. Gilroy and Luna discussed the matter at the Television Critic Association's press tour about the impracticality of the character existing in the Disney+ prequel series, which is set five years before Gareth Edwards' film.

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"From a storytelling point of view, there are multiple reasons," Gilroy said. "I would say, 'Wait and see.' It's a story we are eager to tell. It's difficult to carry an Imperial droid around with you and not draw all kinds of attention. It's a difficult piece of luggage. When we do it, we'll do it in a spectacular fashion as opposed to presenting it and ignoring it, or presenting it or hiding it, or the bad versions we would have been forced to do."

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"We have five years [before the events in Rogue One]," Luna added. "If he knew K2 back then, there would be no journey to go through," Gilroy explained how the story will build up Cassian to eventually cross paths with the droid. "We're starting him so far away from the person who would know how to — or be motivated to — reprogram an Imperial droid." The writer also explained how the series is only planned for two seasons. "We're all living in a prequel, we're all gonna die. You can watch a movie for the third time, and even if you just saw it six months before … you're invested in it if you love it. Our last scene of the show, our 24th episode, will walk the audience directly into Rogue One and directly into the first scene of Rogue One."

For more on how production on Andor will differ from other recent Star Wars shows, you can check it out on The Hollywood Reporter. The series, which also stars Genevieve O'Reilly and Alex Ferns, premieres on Disney+ on September 21st.

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