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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier E04 Review:
So the rubber shields typically don't look 100%, they flex, so that needs to be replaced… People don't realize that shield is usually computer-generated." John Walker (Wyatt Russell) in Marvel Studios' THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER exclusively on Disney+ Photo by Julie Vrabelová ©Marvel Studios 2021 All Rights Reserved. The VFX supervisor wasn't sure which shots[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Premiere Dazzles...We Say Must Watch REVIEW
On May the Fourth, or as most readers will know it, Star Wars Day, Disney+ released the first episode of their brand-new original Star Wars series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch Needless to say, the new adventures of Clone Force 99 are an instant classic Providing the score for the thrilling series is veteran Lucasfilm[...]
G Fuel Releases Sparkling Hydration For Star Wars: The Bad Batch
As big Star Wars fans, we're honored to collaborate with the visionaries at Disney and Lucasfilm to introduce Sparkling Hydration to the world," said G Fuel Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan "With Sparkling Hydration's refreshing natural flavor, various health benefits, and just the right amount of carbonation, we're confident that our fans will love it." G[...]
Mattel Reveals First Look at Disney and Pixar Luca Action Figures
Disney and Pixar fans can not wait to see Luca this summer as we follow the tale of Luca Paguro in Italy However, some things are not as they seem in this magical story as he and his new friend Alberto has a wet and wild secret Will they be able to see their mer-side[...]
Funko Games Announces It's A Small World Board Game
This week, Funko Games revealed their latest collaboration with Disney as they're releasing the It's A Small World Board Game This is a very stylized take on the classic theme park attraction that's been a part of Disneyland since the early years of the park The game has taken the long-running ride and transformed it[...]
Disney Releases Character Posters, Behind The Scenes Look At Cruella
Disney dropped some character posters for Cruella dropped this morning, and I gotta be honest, it looks so far outside the box from what we are used to seeing from the studio that I am pumped for it People keep comparing Emma Stone's portrayal of the classic villain to Harley Quinn, but the vibe I[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch premieres in 2021 (Image: Disney+)
Credit Disney/Lucasfilm Bad Batch Should Earn This Man An Emmy Of Some Kind "Yeah, Clone Force 99 is kind of another step beyond what I've been asked to do in the Clone Wars series.  The Clones are…the tricky part for them, is that the differentiation is much tighter between characters.  Although it has to be decisive.  It[...]
Simpsons Short for May the 4th: The Force Awakens From Its Nap
The third in a series of The Simpsons shorts featuring Maggie and her toddler life troubles, The Force Awakens From Its Nap celebrates May the 4th aka "Star Wars Day" with both Disney and The Simpsons' signature flair If you want to be entirely surprised by all the details in this short, be warned that[...]
The Mandalorian Season 2 (Image: Disney+)
A look at The Mandalorian Season 2 (Image: Disney+) While Din or as his friends call him Mando, was primarily a loner most of his life, he had some help along the way from the likes of Greef Carga (Carl Weathers) and Cara Dune (Gina Carano) The second season expanded the series like never before with[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Premiere Dazzles...We Say Must Watch REVIEW
Credit Disney/Lucasfilm The Bad Batch Is Star Wars At Its Best We open on a few familiar characters, one of which had me shout out in glee (Don't worry, no spoilers here) The first ten minutes is some of the best storytelling in Star Wars animation to this day I have one problem with it, and it's[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Premiere Dazzles...We Say Must Watch REVIEW
Star Wars: The Bad Batch debuts on Disney+ tomorrow, part of this year's May The 4th celebrations We have seen it, and our review will be up tomorrow For now, though, we had a few questions answered recently by the crew of the show during a press conference, including just how many episodes will make[...]
Marvel Studios
Marvel on Disney+ I'm going to go lie down now. Credit Marvel Studios How badass does THAT look? After having pretty much zero excitement for Eternals, just that shot above and the few stills we got of the group all together like that sent me from zero to sixty pretty quick Plus: swole Kumail Nanjiani is awesome. #gallery-1[...]
the bad batch
Another day closer to Tuesday's "May the 4th" celebration means another day for Lucasfilm and Disney+'s upcoming animated spinoff from the beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars to debut another key art poster introducing (or re-introducing) viewers to Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo ahead of the Star Wars: The Bad Batch premiere[...]
Boom Studios Cited In #DisneyMustPay Legal Fight, Over Buffy Comics
#DisneyMustPay: Last November, Bleeding Cool reported on Alan Dean Foster, who had noted he was no longer being paid royalties on the sales of the Star Wars novelisation, its sequel, Splinter Of The Mind's Eye and of Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3, after the movie rights were bought by Disney. #DisneyMustPay Legal Fight The Science Fiction Writers[...]