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Regardless, it looks like Disney is going to try and get this one out in theaters again next month There have been some early reactions from press that seem to lean on the positive side, but we'll have to see how things end up turning out We got six new character posters this week that[...]
Disney Mirrorverse Belle and Goofy Arrive From McFarlane Toys
We recently found out that McFarlane Toys would be releasing collectibles for the upcoming crossover mobile role-playing game, Disney Mirrorverse The game showcases an upgraded version of your favorite Disney and Pixar character as they join forced to stop an unrelenting force McFarlane Toys has already revealed 7" versions of Buzz Lightyear and Jack Sparrow,[...]
Jungle Cruise Review: Entertaining, But A Bit Redundant
Jungle Cruise is Disney very much trying to do the Pirates of the Caribbean thing again, and when the movie manages to nail its tone, it works very well and is extremely entertaining However, the moments when it doesn't work, it feels very redundant, like it has brought exactly nothing new to the table. Jungle Cruise[...]
Mysterious Benedict Society: Comic-Con Panel & Episode 7 Sneak Peek
The 2021 Comic-Con@Home virtual panel for Disney Plus' The Mysterious Benedict Society became a fun exploration of the cast's favorite parts, scenes, and how they've connected to their roles We didn't have the privilege of seeing a virtual interaction between the younger and older actors, but it was interesting to hear what the adults had[...]
LEGO Unveils Marvel Studios Disney+ Blind Bag Mini-Figures
Your favorite Marvel Studios series get their own LEGO makeover with 12 characters getting released in the wave. Spanned over all four Disney+ Marvel Studios series, the wave will have mini-figure starting with The Scarlet Witch, The Vision, and Monica Rambeau from WandaVision We also get Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson Captain America from The Falcon[...]
Loki E6 Review: Marvel Seems To Fundamentally Misunderstand TV Writing
When it comes to the spectacle that's Marvel's Loki, it separates itself distinctly from the other Disney+ series in the television zeitgeist of WandaVision and the more grounded Falcon and Winter Soldier Not only do we look at earth destinations throughout time on Loki, but there's also dimensional and interplanetary travel involved that makes up[...]
The Mysterious Benedict Society Is Disney’s Best Series Yet: Review
The Mysterious Benedict Society is what has baffled me, a collection of books turned Disney+ series. Source: Disney+ The original book series this story was adapted from, authored by Trenton Lee Stewart, has seen a rare accomplishment Its' adaptation is being accepted and loved by fans of the original written word I found something compelling right from[...]
Buzz Lightyear Comes To McFarlane Toys New Mirrorverse Line
McFarlane Toys enters the Disney Mirrorverse with their brand new line of action figures We have already seen Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean is on his way, and now we look to the stars Buzz Lightyear is joining the fight this time, and he is putting his expert Space Ranger training to good[...]
While trying to live a normal life, the family always had to keep one eye over their shoulder to risk not getting their cover blown, as we end up seeing it happening anyway in one escape sequence. Alexei (David Harbour) in Marvel Studios' BLACK WIDOW, in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access Photo courtesy of[...]
Disney's Chip and Dale Get Nutty With Good Smile Company
Your favorite Disney chipmunks are here as Good Smile Company reveals Chip and Dale Nendoroid figures Both iconic characters are bundled together n a very fun, colorful, and entertaining figure 2-pack set Both Chip and Dale will include 3 faceplates, each with them both getting smiling and puffed out cheek expressions Chip then gets his[...]
Disney Mirrorverse Figures Coming Soon from McFarlane Toys
It looks like they are adding a new franchise under their belt with Disney Mirrorverse Disney Mirrorverse is a new online game that features a massive crossover event with Disney and Pixar characters They all feature new and unique costumes as they battle this new invasive enemy to save the Mirrorverse McFarlane Toys is bringing[...]
Now Is The Time TO Buy Savage She-Hulk #1, On Auction At Heritage
She-Hulk is currently in production as a show set in the MCU for Marvel Studios to air on Disney+, and now would be the time to buy Jennifer Walters first appearance before you cannot afford it anymore Tatiana Maslany will portray the character on the show If the people coming in and buying my She-Hulk[...]
Funko FunKon Day 3 Reveals - Disney, Russo Brothers, and More
Some new Disney Pops is coming to FunKon 2021 with Disney's The Three Musketeers Mickey Mouse and the Wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast Funko continues the reveals by expanding their Disney's it's a small world collection as Mexico joins the party This lovely lady will be a fun addition to any Disney Pop collection[...]
Black Widow opened in theaters and on Disney+ and it made a bunch of money, and fans seem overall pleased with it As I personally sat there and watched it with my family, about a half-hour in, I turned to them and said "This sucks" The pacing of the film was all over the place[...]