HBO's Last Week Tonight Season 8 Trailer Promises "Vengeance"

HBO dropped the latest trailer for the multi-Emmy-Award-winning weekly late-night hit Last Week Tonight with John Oliver entering its eighth season. As the highlight reel for its previous season begins, Oliver warns the audience, "Brace yourselves, because everything you're about to hear is horse shit." The network then asks through a transition, "READY TO GET BACK TO NORMAL?" with the final word and a question mark in red. Presumably answering "No" before showing more quick cuts, the next words are "NEITHER ARE WE." Among the featured topics shown include conspiracy theories, coronavirus, his public spat with Danbury, Connecticut, his most random findings like anatomically correct rat erotica in a human-like embrace, stance on aviator shades, and finally, his disturbing stanning of actor Adam Driver.

Last Week Tonight Season 8 Trailer Promises
John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight in season 8 trailer. Image courtesy of HBO/WarnerMedia

The trailer cuts away to the Star Wars actor confronting him and lobbing as many insults as he and/or Last Week Tonight's writers can come up with as Oliver masochistically takes the abuse enjoying it more than anyone should be allowed to. We also get a quick shot of a shirtless John Cena winking and showing a snippet of the overenthusiastic evil twin of Sophia Vergara in Kimberly Guilfoyle, chair of Donald Trump's Victory Finance Committee, at the RNC nearly orgasming "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!" in her speech with her arms open wide to a slack-jawed Oliver awkwardly saying "Okay, then."

The trailer closes out with Oliver walking outside in a voiceover, saying, "Let tomorrow be about solutions. Today (as he preps his pen detonator) is about vengeance" before triggering the explosion of a white sculpture of the year 2020. After the premiere date title appears, we see the host with his face mask on tossing away his detonator. Last Week Tonight returns on February 14 to HBO and streams on HBO Max.

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