Last Week Tonight: Adam Driver Finally Confronts "Stan" John Oliver

If there's someone who's consistent with a running gag, it's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver whether if it's his obsession with Danbury, Connecticut, and their sewage treatment plant or actor Adam Driver, that Adonis and magical steed rolled into one. The two-time Oscar nominee finally staged an intervention with the HBO host on the season finale to close out 2020. To recap via Entertainment Weekly, Oliver creepily requested Driver in previous shows to "demolish me, crush my larynx, you unwieldy boulder."

Last Week Tonight: Adam Driver Finally Confronts
John Oliver is Confronted via FaceTime by Adam Driver on Last Week Tonight. Image courtesy of HBO/WarnerMedia

The Inevitable Showdown on "Last Week Tonight"

Driver ended up FaceTiming Oliver. "What the f*** are you doing?" the Star Wars star asked. "This thing you've been doing that's either sexual or violent… This strange, strange bit that for some reason you've pulled me into. What is it? When you first started doing it, it was easy for me to shrug it off." Oliver responded, "Especially with those shoulders, I bet." "Stop talking!" the actor interrupted. "Do you realize, over this past year, what you've asked me to do to you? 'Collapse on your chest.' 'Tie your fingers in a square knot.' 'Step on your throat.' 'Shatter your knees.' 'Pull your heart out through your ear.' What's wrong with you? You realize we're strangers, right? I don't know you. And now random people on the internet Stan us, claiming that you thirsting over me is 'a mood.' I'm sick of people stopping me on the street and asking me if I'm going to punch a hole in you like a Marriage Story wall."

Following the non-apology, Driver conceded. "Consider this bit over. It's done," he said. "Explore the f***ing space, you hollow-boned Mr. Bean cosplayer. Look around you, you under-baked gingerbread boy." The multi-Emmy-winning host closed it euphorically, "Oh God, that feels good." Come to think of it, I'm actually curious what their actual wives thought of the running gag. Driver, who might end up being the greatest comedic actor of the current generation, completed The Last Duel and Annette for Amazon Studios and will be released in 2021.

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