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true detective
So remember those reports last week that HBO was eyeing a fourth season of series creator Nic Pizzolatto's True Detective with Issa López (Tigers Are Not Afraid / Vuelven) & Barry Jenkins (The Underground Railroad) spearheading the show's return under the name True Detective: Night Country? Well, not only is it happening but actor/director Jodie[...]
The Baby Episode 5
HBO's The Baby takes us back years and years ago for an origin story on the child itself and his connection to Mrs Eaves' heartbreaking past with the mother. Fair warning ahead of time, plenty of spoilers for the episode will be discussed after the image break… Photograph by Colin Hutton/HBO This episode of The Baby starts off with[...]
house of the dragon
One person we thought agreed with that (at least in the beginning) was GOT universe creator George RR Martin, but then things took a turn and possibly went a bit passive-aggressive. Image: Amazon/HBO "I know a lot of articles, the minute the dates were announced, it's: 'Oh, the battle for fantasy supremacy It's 'Rings of Power' versus[...]
Less than two weeks after the release of an official teaser and with only a little more than a month to go until it returns for its fourth season, HBO is beginning to roll out the publicity machine for Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy's award-winning HBO series Westworld This time around, we have character profile[...]
Even with about a month to go until the award-winning HBO series reaches its Season 3 finale, fans of Bill Hader & Alec Berg's Barry already have a glimmer of hope for the future This afternoon, the cable giant announced that the dark comedy had been renewed for a fourth run… but there's more! Not[...]
I Hate Suzie
Co-creator and executive producer Lucy Prebble, who has written for Succession, has returned to the new season, which will be directed by Dawn Shadforth. I Hate Suzie is streaming on HBO Max in the US. I Hate Suzie Too, the upcoming second season of Billie Piper's BAFTA-nominated star vehicle will return as a 3-part "anti-Christmas Christmas[...]
Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner on Coping with Filming, Trauma & More
As one of the two youngest main cast members (along with Maisie Williams) of the HBO high fantasy series Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner, who played the elder Stark daughter Sansa, recognizes she had to mature more quickly than others due to the show's more adult-oriented nature While promoting her HBO Max series The Staircase,[...]
The Baby Episode 4 Recap/Review:
HBO's The Baby celebrated a hectic and cryptic summer solstice, as well as embraced the difficulty in some mother-daughter reunions in the recent fourth episode Fair warning ahead of time, plenty of spoilers for the episode will be discussed after the image break… Photograph by Ross Ferguson / HBO The Baby welcomed Bobbi and Natasha's mother, Barbara, into the mix[...]
The Time Traveler’s Wife is an Inferior Remake of River Song's Arc
The melancholy love story is about a woman (Rose Leslie) married to a man (Theo James) unstuck in Time who keeps disappearing and she only meets different versions of him from his timeline and has to live with knowing the end of their time together long in advance. "The Time Traveler's Wife" Image: HBO The art of[...]
After a leaked copy began circulating on social media, HBO posted the official teaser for the fourth season of Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy's award-winning HBO series Westworld After last season's finale, things start off seemingly calm for Thandie Newton's Maeve and Aaron Paul's Caleb That is until The Man in Black reappears, which by itself raises[...]
Father Of The Bride: Andy Garcia HBO Max Film Releases Trailer
HBO Max has unveiled a trailer for their upcoming film, Father of the Bride, featuring Andy Garcia in the titular role as the patriarch based on the novel by Edward Streeter. Father of the Bride (2022) Source: Warner Bros Pictures/Twitter "A father's coming to grips with his daughter's upcoming wedding through the prism of multiple relationships within a big,[...]
The Kids in the Hall Star Dave Foley on Returning to a Changing World
Their success translated to television as the troupe was able to land a deal on CBC in Canada and HBO and CBS in the United States with their five-season stint from 1989 to 1995 Following the show, the group starred in the 1996 film Brain Candy, which since developed a cult following With the series[...]
The Baby Episode 3 Recap/Review: Motherhood In A Myriad Of Ways
HBO's The Baby went on a hectic yet brutally honest journey through the ways motherhood or desire of motherhood can be represented around all of us The recent third episode of the limited series brought some surprise reunions and introduced an important character Fair warning ahead of time, plenty of spoilers for the episode will be[...]
Back in  October 2021, fans of HBO's Jesse Armstrong-created Succession learned that the popular series would be back for a fourth season and that made them happy and content And then that "Red Wedding"-like Season 3 finale kicked everyone in the face, leaving them reeling & needing Season 4 sooner rather than later, Well, Armstrong[...]