Last Week Tonight: Pringles Provides Body to John Oliver's Work

Turns out Julius Pringles has a body after all. After poking, prodding and hypothetical illustrations of what the Pringles' mascot would look like the Last Week Tonight host John Oliver finally has his answer. After posting his web exclusive video on YouTube in-between seasons, Kellogg's, which owns the potato crisp brand, posted on the official Pringles Twitter account with the following message, "The moment @IamJohnOliver and @LastWeekTonight have been waiting for. In honor of every second John has thought of Mr. P's body, we are donating $1 to @feedingamerica, which happens to be $10K."

Last Week Tonight: John Oliver Pops at Pringles and Can't Stop
Stupid Sexy Pringles! John Oliver in Last Week Tonight. Image courtesy of HBO/WarnerMedia

Last Week Tonight Rant Leading to Pringles' Reveal

The video called "Mr. P Reveal" shows Julius showing off his home with Christmas décor with tree and all and his body? Looks quite an average build with as Oliver described "hard-boiled egg disguised as Tom Selleck", signature mustache, donning a white shirt with the Pringles logo and clad in a red business casual suit. "Do I need to know this? No. I don't. Do I want to? Yes, very badly so much so that I'm willing to give then thousand dollars to Feeding America if Pringles answers my question," Oliver said in his closing pitch on the video posted Sunday. As the Last Week Tonight host wondered out loud initially, his fans flexed their collective creativity muscles, most depicting Julius in rather salacious poses, but anatomically correct and not all of them male as one was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. A few drawings had him posing in faux adult sites with one caption saying, "He single. He Pringle. He ready to mingle." What do you think of his look? Personally, I feel like it should be Terry Crews in costume covering his head and showing off his dancing muscles. I mean look at the magic he produced for Old Spice.

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