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If you had a chance to check out Sunday night's edition of HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, then you know that Emmy Award-winning host John Oliver continued his tradition of one-topic-tackling while still touching upon the hot topics of the moment Of course, we would love to share slips of the segment, but[...]
Last Week Tonight: John Oliver Knows Who New DCU Batman Should Be
Want to know why HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver gets a lot of love? Because not many shows can connect the dots between Donald Trump & The Supreme Court to Pokerface star Natasha Lyonne and DC Studios Co-CEOs James Gunn & Peter Safran's New DCU as smoothly & effortlessly as John Oliver can[...]
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John Oliver kicked off the 11th season of his award-winning weekly late-night news/comedy series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in a big way last Sunday with a huge offer to Justice Clarence Thomas: $1 million per year (for as long as either Oliver & Thomas stay alive) – along with a $2.4 million motor home –[...]
last week tonight
HBO's award-winning weekly late-night news/comedy series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returned for its 11th season this past Sunday night – and John Oliver didn't waste time setting a pretty high bar for the season How? By offering Justice Clarence Thomas $1 million per year (for as long as either Oliver & Thomas stay alive)[...]
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Just to be clear? We know that the expression "putting your money where your mouth is" is one of those cliched expressions that's been beaten to death for decades – but that changed on Sunday night when HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver a deal that might be too tough for Supreme Court Justice[...]
Last Week Tonight Host JohnOliver Taunts Disney with Steamboat Willie
If you ask John Oliver if he ever feels his talk show Last Week Tonight would ever feel stale after 10 seasons on HBO, you wouldn't know it heading into his 11th season The host appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with a very special guest, arguably the biggest member of the public[...]
The Daily Show: Alum John Oliver “Surprised” at Jon Stewart’s Return
As the bulk of the entertainment world is still taking in the news of the return of the prodigal son of The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, the consensus has been one of excitement, including perhaps its most successful former correspondent and occasional guest host, now HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver While Stewart's[...]
The Daily Show: Host Ronny Chieng on Learning From Alum John Oliver
Prodigal son John Oliver has returned home as a guest of The Daily Show guest host Ronny Chieng as the two reminisced about the time when they met for a mentoring session as Chieng was starting out on the Comedy Central variety series Oliver joined the show in season 12 during the Jon Stewart as[...]
elon musk
But we would never pretend for a second to be at the level of John Oliver – so when HBO's Sunday late-night host decides to devote a 30-minute segment to the dumpster fire that was Musk's 2023 to wrap up the show's run before the holiday break, we're just going to sit back and share[...]
Last Week Tonight: Enlists Matt Berry for ‘Thomas & Friends’ Parody
If there's anyone who's there to remind us how woefully inefficient our American institutions are in such a colorful way, it's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver Not far removed from the three-season renewal, the host took one of the country's most enduring pastimes in locomotives to shine a light on how much in disarray[...]
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Seems like HBO is not done with John Oliver or his weekly variety series Last Week Tonight yet Not by a long shot renewing the multi-Emmy-winning series for three additional seasons through 2026, guaranteeing a 13th season, expanding the legacy of arguably The Daily Show's biggest successful alum and spiritual successor A satirical, insightful, and[...]
John Oliver Works Tucker Carlson Takedown Into Homeschooling Segment
And when it comes to takedowns, very few match up with HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver Because with Oliver, you never see it coming – even in the middle of a larger segment on the issues surrounding homeschooling Oliver showed a segment of a news interview with a fifteen-year-old who asked to be[...]
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But HBO got a bit of a jump on that over the weekend, with Bill Maher returning to Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night and John Oliver returning with Last Week Tonight on Sunday night With being off the air for five months, there were clearly a ton of topics to be covered[...]
Law & Order
It's been a very long five months for those in the entertainment industry, and among several talk shows celebrating and promising to deliver big is HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver The series' social media account was posted following the announcement of the Writers Guild of America ending their strike against the major studios[...]
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Earlier this week, we learned that late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver were teaming up with Spotify for the all-new limited series Strike Force Five Expected to run at least 12 episodes, the episodes were recorded back in May as the five shared their thoughts on a number of[...]
strike force five
Well, it looks like the Strike Force Five podcast line-up of late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver may very well be that team Hooking up with Spotify for the all-new limited series that's set to run at least 12 episodes, Strike Force Five offers us a chance to[...]
Of course John Oliver was going to go after FOX "News" during the opening to the 10th season of HBO's Emmy Award-winning Last Week Tonight Especially when excerpts from sealed court filings by Dominion Voting Systems showed that (shocker!) a number of familiar FOX faces didn't believe the stuff they were spreading across the airwaves,[...]
Law & Order
Comedian, actor, and writer John Oliver returns with new shenanigans as HBO released the new trailer for their long-time weekly late-night series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver The host and Daily Show alum have brought attention to a wide range of topics, foreign and domestic, offering biting "satirical, insightful, and meticulously researched look at[...]
house of the dragon
When it comes to the second season of HBO and showrunner Ryan Condal's House of the Dragon, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has a suggestion that it seems millions of viewers would support Pay your electric bill Even with an impressive first season and an early second season order, the "Game of Thrones" spinoff series[...]
Last week, we reported on how Comcast-owned pay television service Sky censored an episode of the Emmy Award-winning HBO late-night series Last Week Tonight in the UK over jokes/comments that host John Oliver made in reference to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and how the country was basically shutting down over it Well, Oliver[...]
Last Week Tonight: Sky Cuts John Oliver/Queen Elizabeth II Jokes in UK
Viewers in the UK who were looking to treat themselves to a new episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight with host John Oliver almost got their wish We're saying "almost" because it didn't take long for them to realize that they weren't getting the whole episode And that's because Sky cut (though censored seems to[...]
Paper Girls, SNL, Stranger Things/Deadpool & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes a wide range of topics… including HBO late-night host John Oliver calling out Dick Wolf's "Law & Order" franchise, Emilia Clarke feeling "star struckness" over Disney+'s Secret Invasion, Paper Girls' co-creator Cliff Chiang addressing the Amazon series ending after one season, NBC's Saturday Night Live returning in October with[...]
Law & Order
Counting in the upcoming seasons, that's 22 seasons for the original series, 24 seasons for "SVU," and 3 seasons for "Organized Crime." And now, with all three shows set for a huge crossover event later this month, HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver really, really needs you to know something It's not real We'll[...]
hbo max
We're getting a sense that John Oliver has a new recurring theme for his HBO late-night news/opinion show Last Week Tonight, and we're pretty sure that Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) boss David Zaslav & Co can expect some very uncomfortable Monday mornings in their near future Not exactly pulling his punches last week over how[...]
Last Week Tonight: HBO Renews John Oliver Series for Ninth Season
John Oliver is back for more hijinks, rants, and tangents as HBO announced a premiere date for the ninth season of the award-winning Last Week Tonight But fans not only have February 20th to look forward to, but they also have an official poster for the season (check it out below) as well as the[...]
ted lasso
Well, we're glad to know that we're in some impressive company when it comes to that view, with HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver also calling out the pair for a move he describes as, "very 'homeroom teachers dressed as the most popular kids in school.'" Images: Screencap/Apple TV+ Oliver shifted the focus to Mitt pushing[...]
Last Week Tonight Host John Oliver Announces Return to Studio
Last Week Tonight host John Oliver is braving his next step during the ongoing COVID pandemic, a return to the studio and away from "the Void", where he's been filming remotely for his HBO talk series At the end of the episode on August 22, Oliver announced that following the series' two-week hiatus, the show[...]
John Oliver Eviscerates Sex and the City Reboot’s Kim Cattrall Snub
If there's anyone who always has time to sidebar pop culture tangents, it's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver His latest target is the Sex and the City reboot for HBO called And Just Like That… which features the return of Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda), and Kristin Davis (Charlotte), but omits Kim[...]
sesame street
Anthony Fauci, Whoopi Goldberg, UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, John Legend, Lucy Liu, John Oliver, Rosie Perez, Questlove, Chrissy Teigen, and more. Image: ABC Along with a look back at the show and the Sesame Worksop's half-century of societal influence, the special will also include never-before-seen footage of an episode produced in 1992 focusing on the topic[...]
So we're taking a little detour with our coverage of HBO Max and series writer/director James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series Peacemaker and tracking John Cena as he undertakes an especially important and potentially dangerous mission: telling the truth about the sick psychological warfare going on between himself and HBO host John Oliver[...]