Jessica Jones Star Krysten Ritter: Guess Who's A Disney Princess Now?

Look, as cynical and snarky as we can be at times? Even we have to admit that we were happy for fans of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, The DefendersMarvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. That's because every one of those series found a new home on the Disney+ streaming service. Now as fans and television experts alike ponder what Disney & Marvel Studios' next moves might be with those shows & their respective casts, there's at least one person who rather likes living in the moment and appreciating her character's new title. Because now that the Netflix-Marvel series are owned by "The Mouse," that makes Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones (from her self-titled series) a "Disney Princess"- and honor that Ritter acknowledged on Instagram.

Jessica Jones
Image: Netflix

"Guess who's a Disney princess now?" Ritter wrote in the caption to her post (which also included an image of Ritter from the time of the show's run. "Go (re)watch ['Marvel's Jessica Jones'] now streaming on her new home, [Disney+]." Now here's a look at Ritter gracefully accepting the title of "Disney Princess" on behalf of Jessica Jones:

Now before you go diving back into your 9000th rewatch (not judging, just making an observation that we can respect), here's a look at Disney+ celebrating having some major IP properties back under the banner of "The House of Mouse" (and it looks like the Daredevil connections are just the beginning from what we've seen so far):

"Disney+ has served as the home for some of the most beloved brands in the industry, and the addition of these live-action shows brings more from the Marvel brand together, all in one place," said Michael Paull, President of Disney Streaming, in a statement when news of the series' new home was announced. "We have experienced great success with an expanded content offering on Disney+ across our global markets and are excited to continue that here in the U.S. as well by offering our consumers not only great content with the new Marvel additions, but also a set of features that help ensure a viewing experience most suitable for them and their family."

While many expected these series to find homes with "The Mouse," there was debate over whether they would be housed on Disney+ or Hulu. In accordance with the darker and more violent series, the streaming service will be releasing an update to its existing parental controls in the U.S., prompting all subscribers to update their settings. The settings include content ratings restrictions for each profile and the ability to add a PIN to lock profiles. If you choose to keep your settings the same, you will continue to use Disney+ as you always have within a TV-14 content rating environment (with the option to make changes at any time under the profile settings tab).

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