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Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #1 [Preview]

Police Brutality in Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #1 [Preview]

Jessica Jones: Blindspot #1 is out from Marvel Comics next week Well, out again we should say, as this series was first released digitally and is now coming to print in single issues From Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis, we've got a preview of the issue below, in which Jessica Jones finds an unpleasant[...]

DC & Marvel: What One Can Teach the Other About Television [OPINION]

There’s TV side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the long list of canceled shows: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Defenders, Cloak & Dagger, Inhumans, Agent Carter, and The Punisher The only series still running is The Runaways on Hulu, which enters its third and final season; and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ending its[...]

Hey, Kid! Wanna Be the Real "Daredevil?" Here's Your Chance!

All those Marvel shows that ran on Netflix might be over, but a lot of the costumes and props are still around, and you just might be able to pick some of that swag up for yourself. Hell, you could even bid on an authentic Daredevil costume, worn by Charlie Cox (or his stunt double) […]

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"Marvel's Jessica Jones": Never Mind – Krysten Ritter WOULD Return to Role

The third and final season of Netflix‘s Marvel’s Jessica Jones - debuting earier this month -  marks the end of the streaming service's live-action relationship with Marvel Studios. In February 2019, Netflix officially cancelled Marvel’s The Punisher after two seasons and Marvel’s Jessica Jones after three – the last of the streaming service’s series that also included[...]

"Jessica Jones" Season 3 Drops TODAY with New Trailer

Bleeding Cool's television editor, guru, and all around pizza fan predicted that the third and final season of Jessica Jones would drop today No one should ever question Ray when it comes to television schedules Jessica Jones, season the last, is live and ready for you to binge.[caption id="attachment_798729" align="aligncenter" width="2000"] Marvel's Jessica Jones[/caption]When Jessica[...]

"Marvel's Jessica Jones" Season 3: Carrie-Anne Moss on Jeri Hogarth's Adversity

That said, Carrie-Anne Moss is in a league of her own playing the cold, ruthless, and stoic Jeri Hogarth in all three seasons of Marvel's Jessica Jones.During a conversation with regarding the upcoming final season, Moss discussed the traits that make Jeri a formidable opponent - far more intimidating and cutthroat than Foggy Nelson[...]

'Cursed': Netflix Offers First-Look at Katherine Langford in Frank Miller/Tom Wheeler Arthurian Series

Here's a look at the full image for yourselves, thanks to the fine folks at Netflix's "See What's Next" Twitter account:[caption id="attachment_1041483" align="alignnone" width="864"] Netflix[/caption]Based on comic book writer/artist Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and writer/producer Tom Wheeler‘s (Puss In Boots) upcoming illustrated young adult (YA) book of the same name, the series highlights the Lady[...]

‘Jessica Jones’ Creator Melissa Rosenberg Has No Plans for Superhero Projects Under Warner Bros Deal

'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Creator Melissa Rosenberg is Done With Superheroes – For Now

Sorry, DC Universe fans: don’t look for Marvel's Jessica Jones creator/showrunner Melissa Rosenberg to be jumping into any superhero-related televison shows or films - at least for now - when she starts her new deal with Warner Bros With the now-cancelled Netflix series premiering its third and final season on Friday, June 14, Rosenberg spoke[...]

'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Season 3: Series' Final Run Begins June 14th [VIDEO]

While very little else is known about the upcoming final season of Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones, there are two clear takeaways from the following date announcement video released by the streaming service on Tuesday First, the season arrives on Friday, June 14th [Ed Note: We were right!!!] - and the second? Unfortunately for Jessica (Krysten[...]

'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Season 3: Netflix Teases Final Season "Coming Soon"

While fans who are eagerly awaiting the news as to when they'll be able to cast their eyeballs onto the third and final season of Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones are still left scratching their heads over an exact date, the streaming service did tease out some new key art to show that they haven't forgotten[...]

David Tennant Talks Doctor Who, Kilgrave, and Podcasts at C2E2

And next week, the show features Jessica Jones co-star Krysten Ritter.Speaking of, Tennant next discussed the character Kilgrave from Jessica Jones Tennant said that everything about the character was just right there on the page What particularly struck him was the idea of how a person would deal with power like that and that anyone[...]

[SXSW 2019] David Tennant Talks 'Jessica Jones', Season 3 Absence, 'Good Omens'

David Tennant, who played one the most intimidating and powerful villains of the Marvel Defenders universe as the mind-controlling Kilgrave, is grateful for the time he had on Marvel's Jessica Jones amidst its cancellation on Netflix.[caption id="attachment_742192" align="aligncenter" width="600"] MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES[/caption]Tennant spoke to Entertainment Weekly while promoting his latest Amazon Prime series Good Omens[...]