As Of Today, Batman Is Officially A Meta-Human (Suicide Squad #22 Spoilers)

Batman is a man who dresses up in a ridiculous costume and runs around a city beating up people, often torturing them for information, behaving like police, judge and jury. The police mostly turn a blind eye, but often collude with him. And a big spotlight to summon him, paid for by government taxes make this all official. But by all accounts he should be arrested and thrown into the clink.

But he also pals around with the proper superheroes. The ones with superpowers. A member of the Justice League to boot. Even though he doesn't have powers. Or does he?

A few years ago, he was healed by the mysterious metal dionesium, revealed in recent issues of Dark Days to be derived from Nth metal and to be behind all meta-human abilities on the DC Earth.

Batman was healed, reset, turned into a perfect version of himself. We also learned of the effects of such metal on a wider populace, seeping into the bloodstreams…

In today's Suicide Squad #22 by Rob Williams, Agustin Padilla and Adriano Lucas, the tables are turned and Amanda Waller's perspective is also altered – maybe. As the central question that should never be asked in a superhero comic book, for risking pulling down the entire house of cards, is asked.

And not only does Waller target two members of Batman's own Suicide Squad-parallel team, the Justice League Of America

But she names Batman as a meta-human. That's from government-set up body. Which kinda makes it official now. Bruce Wayne, a dionesium powered meta-human under the cowl…

Suicide Squad #22 is published today.

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