Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 9th June 2019 – 'We Did Not Order Enough Walking Dead To Meet Demand''

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait till the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Five Spoilers For This Week's DCeased #2Top ten bestselling comics of the week

  1. DCeased #2
  2. Batman #72
  3. Walking Dead #192
  4. The War of the Realms #5
  5. Justice League #25
  6. Savage Avengers #2
  7. Incredible Hulk: Last Call
  8. Black Cat #1
  9. Green Lantern #8
  10. Uncanny X-Men #19

Thanks to the following retailers:

Rodman Comics, Ankeny, Iowa.
Dr. No's Comics & Games Superstore of Marietta, Georgia.
Famous Faces & Funnies of West Melbourne, Florida.
Ssalefish Comics, Winston-Salem & Greensboro, North Carolina.
Comix Experience San Francisco, California.
Comix Experience Outpost, San Francisco, California.
Fat Jack's Comicrypt, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Collector's Paradise Pasadena, California.

Who had this to say:

Walking Dead #192 would be higher on the list though we did not order enough to meet demand. Did get a reorder in before it was sold out with Diamond at least. DCeased takes the lead for us. Black Cat bombed badly for us. It did not even make our top ten. Is the variant cover craziness leveling off? Shazam sales are increasing thanks to his recent movie. Avengers Endgame bump? Zip. Marvel was slaughtered this week. War of The Realms is the only thing they had going for them this week.


This week was a horse race once again, with DC taking five of the top ten spots in our store, Marvel taking four, and Image taking one with Walking Dead #192. Batman, which has been surpassed by Immortal Hulk for the past few months, was surpassed this week by Incredible Hulk: Last Call, underscoring how disinterested readers are in the tedious storyline stretching out through Batman right now. DCeased remains DC's biggest title for a second month; readers enjoyed the first issue and came back in force to see what happens next.


Pretty good week at FFF with a few big books coming out from the Big Two. DCeased has been a customer favorite with 3 beautiful covers catching lots of eyes. Batman is always in the Top 5. This time he's in the Top 10 twice with the third TMNT crossover hitting #7. Speaking of beautiful covers, Black Cat debuted with several great covers of which most have sold pretty well. We'll see if the subsequent issues can hold onto at least a few of these sales. Savage Avengers is selling well in its second issue. I'm a little shocked at how well we've been selling the Conan spin-off titles. I would've thought Marvel would have flooded the market with the FOUR Conan titles they're putting out but we've actually collected a few new subs looking for all of the Cimmerian's titles. Doomsday Clock managed to squeak into the Top Ten at #9 on its second week. For a book with as many delays as it has had it still sells extremely well. Oh, also the Walking Dead came out this week and we sold A LOT of copies. It was actually a little slow at first, but once the word started to trickle out we started getting more and more and MORE people coming in looking for the big issue. It's one of those books that will have a lot of buzz for a long time to come. Now if only the show could figure out what it wanted to do with itself.


DCeased #2 managed to beat out Batman for the top spot in sales here this week, but numbers were high across the board, and I'm going to attribute it to the surge in foot traffic brought on by Walking Dead #192. For the first time in a long time, the title seemed to generate palpable excitement, though I doubt that'll actually translate to ongoing readers given the events of that issue. Otherwise, Black Cat enjoyed a strong start, especially where the variants were concerned, and our own Ssalefish Exclusive J. Scott Campbell variant really helped generate some added hype.


We are excited to see new titles emerging. Little Bird is taking off. Buffy is surprising growing well.


This week is a bit of a refreshing shake-up from what we usually see. WAR OF THE REALMS and BATMAN in the top two spots is hardly surprising, but just under that we've got the first issue of BLACK CAT! After that, a venerable title leaps into the top half of the list: WALKING DEAD is selling a lot this week for… reasons. Spoiler-y reasons.

After that we've got a couple more expected heavy-hitters with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ANNUAL as well as DCEASED. Following that, we ordered much higher than we usually do on TRUE BELIEVERS installments, assuming most folks would be happy to pick up AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 for only a buck. And we were correct!


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