Dog Days of Summer: DC Super Pets Get a $10 Summer Special in May

In a shocking event that is sure to send ripples of envy throughout the world of comics journalism, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston has obtained and posted the full DC Comics May solicitations catalog before they've been "officially" released.

"It's gettin' bloody harder to sneak into the DC Comics offices while dressed as a potted plant with all of these budget cuts," Johnston told us when asked for comment, noting that even the publisher's potted plant budget has been slashed by 60%. "Oi used to dress up as a nice sansevieria, but that's a bit too ritzy these days, so now Oi have to infiltrate as a shabby philodendron."

So as other websites scramble to get someone from DC on the phone, complaining of blown EX-X-XCLUSIVES and begging to post the solicits themselves, Bleeding Cool can sit back and mine the solicits for individual articles to spin out of them, all the while reaping the sweet, sweet clicks.

"Pip pip," Johnston said, his eyes glowing with the thought of all the clicks.

It looks like DC's animal characters will be getting their own Summer special this May: the 80-Page Giant Dog Days of Summer #1. The comic includes talented writers such as G. Willow Wilson, Joshua Williamson, Mariko Tamaki, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and more, and also includes Dan Didio. Artists featured include Stepjan Sejic, Tomy Raney, Cully Hamner, Kyle Hotz, and Cian Tormey, with a cover by Francis Manapul.

Hitting stores on May 29th, the book will feature stories about Krypto and his pet Superman, Bat-Cow and his pet Batman, Wonder Woman and Ferdinand, and more. Check out the solicit below.

Dog Days of Summer: DC Super Pets Get a $10 Summer Special in May

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