Howl at the Moon for Danny Lore and Gio Sposito's Lunar Room at Vault

Writer Danny Lore and artist Gio Sposito will publish a new werewolf comic at Vault in November. Called Lunar Room, the first of "at least issues," according to an interview with sonic detection themed video game site Games Radar, will hit stores on November 24th. On Vault's website, a brief press release provides more info:

Writer Danny Lore and artist Gio Sposito are mixing werewolves and gangsters in a new SFF series titled Lunar Room from Vault Comics.

Going on sale November 24, Lunar Room is a werewolf story from Lore, an avowed werewolf fan.

"Lunar Room started as a conversation with Tim Daniel about why I hadn't done a werewolf comic," Lore says, referring to Vault Comics' executive VP of brand/design. "That conversation created the seed of an idea: how would I get what I love about werewolves into a script that an artist could have fun with, rather than a more internal-sensation based tale."

Lunar Room stars Cynthia 'Sin' Breaker, a retired enforcer for a mob group led by a powerful mage. She's the tough sort – and that's before even factoring in that she's a werewolf. But she's retired now, and attempting to create a new chapter for her life and put her history behind her.

In addition, the publisher provided Games Radar with some EX-X-XCLUSIVE preview images (oooh baby so exxxclusive) which we've stolen to post below. Enjoy.

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