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AfterShock Confirms Reverse Of Diamond Variant/Returnability Policy
So in for a penny… the lesbian Viking comic book Heathen, one of Vault Comics' first big hits in 2017, is to get an Omnibus volume collecting the entire run next year At the Diamond Retailer Summit held online this weekend, Vault also promised that there would be more to talk about Heathen in 2022[...]
PrintWatch: King Spawn #1 Tops Half A Million With Second Printing
And that we have the cover for… PrintWatch: And Vault Comics has four- Barbaric #1 getting a 4th printing, The Last Book You'll Ever Read #1 getting a third printing, while Deadbox #1 and Human Remains #1 getting a second We have covers for the first two… KING SPAWN #1 2ND PTG IMAGE COMICS (W) Sean Lewis, Todd McFarlane[...]
End After End & We Ride Titans from Vault in December 2021 Solicits
They are also launching We Ride Titans #1 by Tres Dean and Sebastian Piriz about families riding kaiju… END AFTER END #1 CVR A SUNANDO VAULT COMICS OCT211847 OCT211848 – END AFTER END #1 CVR B – 3.99 (W) David Andry, Tim Daniel (A / CA) Sunando C Life is nothing if not a series of endings. School Jobs[...]
Asahara Shuzo & Yoshitaka Amano Serve Up Bleed Them Dry Sake
Themed after the Vault Comics vampire ninja comic book of the same name, the Bleed Them Dry sake series is a one-of-a-kind collaboration with veteran Japanese sake maker Asahara Shuzo To mark the launch, artist Yoshitaka Amano has created vampire-themed illustrations for the various flavors of the black and red variations Collectors will be able[...]
The Cover to Lunar Room #1, a new comic coming from Vault Comics in November, by Danny Lore, Gio Sposito, DJ Chavis, and letterer Andworld Design
On Vault's website, a brief press release provides more info: Writer Danny Lore and artist Gio Sposito are mixing werewolves and gangsters in a new SFF series titled Lunar Room from Vault Comics. Going on sale November 24, Lunar Room is a werewolf story from Lore, an avowed werewolf fan. "Lunar Room started as a conversation with Tim[...]
Cover image for RADIO APOCALYPSE #1 CVR A RK (RES)
First announced from Vault Comics in November 2019 at MCM, Radio Apocalypse by Ram V and Anand Rk was intended to be published in 2020 Then it was then solicited for April 2021 April came and went It is now back on the books for October, and now the recipient of new interest in Ram[...]
Vault comics time… With Tini Howard, Jim Zub, and Tim Seeley on board, this might as well be a Marvel of DC event with a bunch of experienced writers working together on a shared continuity project Which may not be so far from the truth, with World Of Darkness: Crimson Thaw launching from Vault Comics[...]
Vault Announces "World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw" Coming In September
If you are a fan of Vampire: The Masquerade and wanted to see more of that universe, then Vault Comics has good news for you  Vault has announced today that they will release issue one of World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw this September  It will be the first issue of a three-issue event series that is[...]
Vault Will Debut New Horror Series Human Remains #1 In September
Vault Comics has announced today that this September will see the debut of their new horror series, Human Remains, by legendary writer Peter Milligan (Shade: The Changing Man, X-Statix, Enigma), star artist Sally Cantirino (I Walk With Monsters, The Final Girls), colorist Dearbhla Kelly (I Walk With Monsters, Red Sonja), and designer Tim Daniel[...]
Some Thoughts On Vampire The Masquerade: Winter's Teeth #6
Credit: Vault Comics So, Cecily does what any reasonable person would do: After discharging her responsibilities, she goes out for a night off This being comics, the night off doesn't go as planned. Winter's Teeth delivers exactly what I want from a Vampire: The Masquerade story: politics complex enough to require the reader to pay attention, untrustworthy[...]
Barbaric #1 Is Vault's Most-Ordered Comic Yet At 35,000 Copies
Vault Comics have been on a bit of a roll this past year, having become a mainstay on Diamond's Top 10 publishers list (when they used to do that sort of thing) by consistently launching series over the 30,000 line, like Alex Paknadel & John Le's Giga and Christopher Cantwell & Adam Gorham's The Blue[...]
The Brothers Flick In Vault Comics' Wonderbound 2022 Graphic Novels
At the US Book Show held earlier this week, Wonderbound, the middle grade and young adult publishing imprint of Vault Comics, announced their entire 2022 publishing lineup of original graphic novels from the likes of Shea Fontana, Brian Middleton, Agnes Garbowska, Colleen Coover, Paul Tobin, Galaad, Rebecca Horner, Kelly Mellings, Corey Lansdell, Lisa LaRose, Sam Beck,[...]
FCBD Free Comic Book Day 2021 Preview
Including the launch from Vault Comics of Unfinished Business by Dani Colman and Rachel Tuna Petrovicz. With a delve into Jewish mythology and dealing with those dangling sub-plots of creation… FCBD Preview: A Glimpse of the Unfinished Corner from Vault Comics FCBD 2021 UNFINISHED CORNER VAULT COMICS APR210046 (W) Dani Colman (A/CA) Rachel Tuna Petrovicz Jewish mythology has it that when God[...]
Hello My Name is Poop: Wonderbound's New Middle Grade Graphic Novel
Wonderbound, the Middle Grade and Young Adult imprint of Vault Comics, has announced HELLO MY NAME IS POOP, a new middle-grade graphic novel written by Ben Katzner, drawn by Ian McGinty, colored by Fred C Stresing, and lettered by Andworld Design. "HELLO MY NAME IS POOP" cover art, Wonderbound/Vault Comics. With a title like this, you can't[...]
VERSE: Sam Beck’s YA Fantasy Graphic Novel Coming from Wonderbound
Wonderbound, the Young Adult imprint of Vault Comics, will publish VERSE, an inclusive young adult fantasy graphic novel series by star writer/artist Sam Beck. VERSE will be released in the Fall of 2021. "VERSE" key art by Sam Beck, Wonderbound VERSE is the story of Fife, who lives in a world where magic is feared–only the evil monsters known as Vell[...]