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Shadow Service and Vampire Masquerade, in Vault August 2020 Solicits

A New Vampire: The Masquerade Comic in Vault's August 2020 Solicits

Vault Comics is launching a Vampire: The Masquerade comic book in August 2020, from Tim Seeley, Tini Howard, Blake Howard, Dev Pramanik and Nathan Gooden. for the uninitiated, Vampire: The Masquerade is a tabletop role-playing game created by Mark Rein-Hagen and released in 1991 as the first of several Storyteller System games for its World […]

A Dark Interlude, Not-A-Sequel to Fearscape by O'Sullivan and Vitti

Last November, back when we still had comic book conventions, I met Ryan O'Sullivan in the MCM London hotel bar. He told me that he had two books from Vault planned, one to be part of White Noise Round 2 that may or may not be a sequel to Fearscape. Well, in today's The Hollywood […]


Vault's Latest May, June and July 2020 Schedules and Free Comics Too

The comic book industry is beginning to edge towards and attempt at returning to some vestige of normality. These are the planned titles that Vault Comics have for May, June and July 2020, unearthed by Bleeding Cool so far. We'll be trying to run as many other publishers' plans today, and during the week. There […]


Level 52 and Vault Comics Create Statue For Natasha Alterici's Heathen

Vault Comics and Level 52 statue designers have collaborated on a limited edition statue based on the comic book Heathen by Natasha Alterici. The series was  big hit for Vault nd helped establish the comic book publisher in the North American comic book industry. It stars Aydis, a viking, a warrior, an outcast, and a […]

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Cavan Scott and Corin M. Howell Launch Shadow Service in July, Maybe

So no one exactly seems to know what's happening with comic books right now. As we pointed out when we ran the July solicits for Hero Collector, this is usually the time when July solicitations would be running and publishers would be talking about their launch books. Which is what Vault Comics is doing anyway. […]


Giga, A Cross Between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Knives Out

Last year, Bleeding Cool ran the news that White Noise writer Alex Paknadel and John Lê had a new comic book coming out called GIGĀ. Today that became much more official with The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reporting the news somehow. They also interview the creators and running preview artwork. More than just the screencap we […]

Sera the Royal Stars #7

REVIEW: Sera the Royal Stars #7 — "Sumptuous … Sword and Sorcery"

With sweeping, sumptuous imagery and sword and sorcery set in a well-developed interplanetary milieu, Sera the Royal Stars #7 matches the fantasy work being churned out by bigger companies' sword for sword and spell for spell. Honestly, this visually surpasses a lot of that effort from licensed properties and the like. Unfortunately, with this huge […]

Finger Guns #2 Cover- Vault Comics, creative team: Justin Richards, Val Halvorson, Rebecca Nalty, Taylor Esposito

REVIEW: Finger Guns #2 — "Waiting For Something To Go Right"

The extraordinary element of extraordinary power that made the last issue sparkle fell to the wayside in this second issue. The two teens with the mysterious ability to fire energy from their titular hand gestures had less chance to wield their ability, literally misfiring in both moments of crisis and ones without stress at pivotal […]


Buy Comic Shop Gift Cards Now, Get Heavy and Hundred Wolves From Vault

Bleeding Cool understands that there have been many top-levels discussions in the comic book industry over what to do next, what with distributors no longer taking new content, printers closing doors and shops shutting up… shop. While the bigwigs chinwag, Vault Comics has decided to do something unilaterally. By stating that comic book readers who […]

Vault Comics to Delay All Titles, Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Vault Comics to Delay All Titles, Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Vault Comics CEO Damian Wassel has announced measures to assist retailers during the coronavirus pandemic, issuing a letter to comic stores with revised publication dates, delaying the release of certain titles. He writes, Vault wouldn't be here without our retail partners, and we're working to do everything possible to support you through this trying time. […]

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"Vagrant Queen": One Queen, Deadbeat & Mechanic to Save Them All [TRAILER]

Based on the comic book series from Vault Comics, space-spanning series Vagrant Queen is set to go "scorched earth" on SYFY starting Friday, March 27, at 10 p.m. Developed for series by showrunner and executive producer Jem Garrard, the ten-episode series is produced by Blue Ice Pictures and features the work of an all-female team […]

REVIEW: Heist How To Steal A Planet #3 -- "Numerous Wicked Twists Of Misdirection"

REVIEW: Heist How To Steal A Planet #3 — "Numerous Wicked Twists Of Misdirection"

(Vault Comics, creative team: Paul Tobin, Arjuna Susini, Vittorio Astone, Saida Temofonte) With numerous wicked twists of misdirection, a determined forger, a highly wanted scoundrel, a discontented socialite and more misfits start a lengthy and complex plan to, well, steal an entire freaking planet. It's a clever plan, actually, and it gets a kooky spanner […]

REVIEW: Relics Of Youth #4 -- "The Core Concept Is Surprisingly Engaging"

REVIEW: Relics Of Youth #4 — "The Core Concept Is Surprisingly Engaging"

(Vault Comics, creative team: Matt Nicholas, Chad Rebmann, Skylar Partridge, Vladimir Popov, Andworld Design) This very pleasant surprise gets new readers caught up quickly with a fairly large cast of characters vying for the source of eternal life. The legend of Ponce de Leon exporting imperialism in a quest for the fountain of youth is […]

Vault Comics Makes Official UK Debut at Thought Bubble This Weekend

Vault Comics Makes Official UK Debut at Thought Bubble This Weekend

Have I mentioned I'm going to Thought Bubble in Harrogate this weekend? No? Damn, I was sure I had, Oh well. Some other folk, who are going are US-based comic book publisher Vault Comics in their official capacity. By which I mean their head of Marketing and Sales for the UK and Europe, Tara Ferguson, […]

One More Notch: The Fourth Power & Others [Reviews]

Another month, another couple first issues, plus a big European collection roundup. In this case, the big European collection is Humanoids reissuing Metabarons artist Juan Giménez's solo collection called The Fourth Power. Sera And The Royal Stars issue one by Jon Tsuei, Audrey Mok, Raúl Angulo, Jim Campbell, and Tim Daniel: A Persian-influenced swords and […]

Vault Comics to publish Brandon Sanderson's The Dark One in 2020

Brandon Sanderson's The Dark One From Vault Comics Slips in 2020

Brandon Sanderson is an American fantasy and science fiction writer, best known for the Cosmere universe, in which most of his fantasy novels including the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive are set. In 2016, the Chinese-founded company DMG Entertainment, which also bought Valiant Entertainment, licensed the movie rights to Sanderson's entire Cosmere universe. Sanderson […]

SYFY Bringing Space Opera 'Vagrant Queen' to Life in 2020

SYFY Bringing Space Opera 'Vagrant Queen' to Life in 2020

Deadline announced earlier that SYFY is bringing a live-action adaptation of Magdalene Visaggio's comic book space opera series. Vagrant Queen. The story was originally published by Vault Comics in 2018. The storyline for Vagrant Queen is perfect for live action, and should be a blast to check out! Former child queen Elida was driven from […]