IDW And Farrago Team Up To Host Free Digital Comics Via App

Jz5UTVUefP_psGEBpzTY3_PTjya9TPM3Lix7MDK1gCHjqtAbTGjeizTD08RSqsujDFt45sntDC9oo69dyiqsM4MuuTMDJD1MKPWFuJ0TdYeOxP_kkccg4jvSoQhxZZ7jrAYou may have heard of the Farrago Comics App that's something like the Spotify of digital comics. Top Cow, Desperado, and a large number of indie creators have already announced that they're working with Farrago to host digital comics, and IDW has now joined up as well.

Farrago Comics is a free app that specializes in modern and Golden Age comics, with an ethos of allowing an environment for readers to "try out" new comics to see what they might like. IDW has heralded their partnership with Farrago by bringing 10 #1 issues of fan-favorite comics to the app for free, including work by Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, Jonathan Maberry, Chris Roberson, Ashley Wood, and many more.


Those comics and the dates they will be available are:


30 Days of Night #1

  • Mystery Society #1

  • Winterworld #1

  • Zombies vs Robots #0

On Farrago January 21, 2015:

  • Groom Lake #1

  • The Last Fall #1

  • V-Wars #1

On Farrago January 28, 2015:

  • Night of 1,000 Wolves #1

  • Pantheon #1

  • Memorial #1

  • MysterySociety_01_x500ZombisVsRobots_00_x500

Farrago explain their app and their new partnership with IDW thus:

With the Farrago Comics app, fans don't have to pay anything but attention to try out great comics, and creators win by sharing in-comic ad revenue each time their comic is read. This new approach to the online comic book experience Farrago summarizes with a tagline of "Comic Book Freedom!" Their goal is to bring millions of fans old and new back to the joys of reading comics, while allowing creators to both make more money and gain much more exposure than existing pay-per-book models.

The IDW partnership announcement also heralds Farrago Comics' emergence from its four month beta phase, during which the company has focused on honing reader experience, making sure creators and publishers receive accurate data on "reads" and trackable ad counts in order to report and distribute revenue shares.  Farrago will now start to let readers know through several avenues that it freely offers great comics from top creators and publishers.

Partner companies getting on board with the Farrago app seem to be particularly attracted to the idea of allowing the app to showcase early issues of major series in the hopes of attracting new readers. Not a bad strategy by any means, since winning over a new reader often means a loyal follower in the future.

You can download the Farrago Comics app for Apple iPad here and Android here.

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