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Editor-in-Chief at Bleeding Cool. Independent comics scholar and former English Professor. Writing books on magic in the works of Alan Moore and the early works of Neil Gaiman.

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Giant Robots, Ninja Turtles, Monster Motors And More – Talking With Nick Roche

By Spencer Ellsworth Nick Roche got his start as a comics artist at IDW Publishing, illustrating and soon writing the company's incarnation of Transformers. He's best known for the incredible Last Stand of the Wreckers (co-written with James Roberts), a sort of Saving Private Ryan with giant robots. He has also worked on Teenage Mutant […]

Processing The Troop: Behind The Page With Joshua Cassara

Posted by Olly MacNamee With our recent coverage of Noel Clarke and Joshua Cassara new comic The Troop debuting from Titan Comics December 9th at a comic shop near you, we asked Cassara whether he could share the procedures he takes from pencil, to pen to printed page. This is what he kindly shared with […]

What Bengal Wants: More Wolverine Covers & Work With Rick Remender

By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu When I met the fan-favorite comic book artist called Bengal at the Magnetic Press booth (thanks to the awesome David Dissanayake) during SDCC 2015, he was sketching cards for a fan. Soon as he was done, he spared me some time for the short interview below. Born in 1976, he has […]

A Story That Keeps You Coming Back For More – We Stand On Guard So Far (#1-4)

By Chris Hayden In his new series We Stand on Guard, writer Brian K. Vaughan, famous for his masterpiece Saga, continues to do what he does best: Construct memorable worlds and interesting characters in record time, sucking readers into some of the most original and thought provoking stories available at your local comic book store. […]

From Strip To Script – Legends Of The Dark Knight

By Josh Hechinger Welcome to From Strip to Script, where I take a page of finished comic art and try to derive a script from it, to see what I can learn from the exercise. I think I've mentioned before that James Robinson's work on Starman for DC was the comic that made me aware […]

Ohio Is For Sale, But The Comic Is Free

Cartoonist Jon Allen has been producing the online comic, Ohio is For Sale, since 2012, and it's now entering its 7th chapter, all posted online, but also available in chapter-based high-end mini comics at indie comic shows, particularly on the East Coast. Recently he launched chapters 5 and 6 at Small Press Expo, and is […]

The SML Podcast – Interviews With Heavy Iron Studios And Metalhead Software!

By Joe Cammisa [audio:] Monday night is here and it's time for The SML Podcast here on Bleeding Cool! Two more episodes tonight to light up your Monday and it's interviews all the way, a one on one episode as well as a three on three! It's insane! Episode 131 sees Joe talking one on […]

Mighty Marvel Geeks Issue 90: X-Men, Fantastic Four And The Road To Tangentville

Bleeding Cool welcomes back the podcast Mighty Marvel Geeks, hosted in part by Mike Ehmcke, who also hosts the podcast We Be Geeks, which runs on Bleeding Cool on the weekends. Here they talk about all things Marvel-related, and especially what their top picks are for the Marvel books coming out in the week ahead. […]

You Can Still Save The Kittehs With Grumpy Cat

During New York Comic Con, the first issue of Dynamite's new comic Grumpy Cat was released, and only a day later, Rich Johnston and I managed to visit the regal and adorable Grumpy Cat herself at Dynamite's booth at the convention. The comic, written by Ben McCool, with art by Steve Uy and Ken Hauser, […]