Not My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall

Not My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall

"He was fed up with pool and we went and sat at a quiet booth. I didn't really expect the tirade I was about to receive. There was no warning, he just launched into it. I'll remember it to my dying day because I can't believe I didn't glass him and walk out."

For the last six months, Bleeding Cool has been running a weekly column by Phill Hall in which he serialises his life in comics. We've just finished his time as a comics retailer and were moving onto his time as News editor of Comics International and working under Dez Skinn.

And it just got legally dubious, for me at least. British libel laws are far more usurious than in the US, and I'm just not confident that I could get away with running the next few chapters verbatim without some serious use of scissors, which would be unfair to you as well as to Phill Hall.

Also Phill has told me that it gets a lot worse.

So that's why Phill Hall has put his entire memoir online, available to download on a Kindle.

And yes, I'm chickening out. But if you've enjoyed his writing so far, and you decide you really want the juicy stuff, who am I to deny you the opportunity?

Phill will also continue to serialise the book for free on his blog

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