Erik Valdez on the red carpet, soon to appear in Superman & Lois, courtesy of Press Line Photos and

Superman & Lois Casts Erik Valdez in Series Regular Role

The CW's upcoming Arrowverse series Superman & Lois has cast Erik Valdez (Graceland) in the series regular role of Kyle Cushing, husband of Lana Lang-Cushing (Emmanuelle Chriqui). The hour-long drama stems from The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing, DC Universe architect Greg Berlanti, and Warner Bros. TV, and set to go directly into series production […]

Courtney learns to control the cosmic staff in Stargirl, courtesy of The CW

Stargirl Teasers Show Off JSA Headquarters While Courtney Takes Flight

The CW and DC Universe's live-action Stargirl is ready to take flight with the cosmic staff starting next month (May 18 on the streaming service, following day on the network),and that's when Brec Bassinger's Courtney Whitmore begins her journey to become the hero who will inspire the next generation of justice. Taking up the cause […]

Marvel and DC Comics are using the current global situation as a chance to get ahead of schedule on their comic book line for the rest of the year,

DC and Marvel Comics Using Current Situation to Get Ahead Of Schedule

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran an article about the word we had received from comic book creators at DC Comics. Who were telling me that planned work had been put on hold for them. Checking back, that doesn't seem to have changed. It just sees DC join Marvel, IDW, Valiant, Oni, Dark Horse and more, as […]

The Passage actress Emmanuelle Chriqui is set to join The CW series Superman & Lois, with image courtesy of FOX.

Superman & Lois Casts Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang

The CW's upcoming Arrowverse series Superman & Lois has found Clark Kent aka Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) a childhood friend, with Emmanuelle Chriqui (The Passage) cast as series regular Lana Lang. The hour-long drama stems from┬áThe Flash executive producer Todd Helbing, DC Universe architect Greg Berlanti, and Warner Bros. TV, and it set to go directly […]

DC's Stargirl | Plan | Season Trailer | The CW

Stargirl Preview: Courtney Has Her Own Plan on How To Be A Superhero

The CW and DC Universe's live-action Stargirl is set to debut next month (May 18 on the streaming service, following day on the network), when Brec Bassinger's Courtney Whitmore begins her journey as the cosmic staff-wielding do-gooder while also inspiring the next generation of superheroes. That next generation includes modern takes on Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, […]


Golden Apple Comics of Los Angeles Lays Golden Eggs Twice a Week

Golden Apple Comics of Los Angeles is one of many comic stores making their way during shutdown. As well as website store orders and eBay listings they also have mystery boxes. "I have a store full of great reads and we are hand packing a USPS medium flat rate box for you and shipping it […]

This is the logo to Diamond Comic Distributors

Diamond to Pay 25% of What They Owe Publishers, Take Pay Cut

Steve Geppi is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Geppi Family Enterprises. He is also the owner of Diamond Comic Distributors. Two weeks ago Diamond closed its doors to new comics as part of the current global situation. They also made redundancies. Last week, Diamond told publishers that they would cease payment for product received. […]

Eva Perkins stuck in the Philippines

Grant Perkins' Wife Eva Trapped In the Philippines For Three Weeks

Grant Perkins and Eva Perkins are regular faces on the British comic convention scene. Grant is a comic book artist known for his work on 2000AD, Doctor Who, Penguins Of Madagascar and his own Dwayne Hickenbottom comics and novels. Eva helps run his comic con tables, and both present a very entertaining united front. However, […]


MyComicShop.Com No Longer Taking New Orders

MyComicShop is one of the largest online comic book stores in the world. But it is not just bricks and mortar stores that have been closing with the current situation. MyComicShop has announced that it too will be suspending all new orders, as a result of shutdown orders in the state of Texas. Their front […]


Once & Future Review: A Dangerously Great Retelling of King Arthur

A scabbard without a sword inspires few legends and has never led to the murder of an unprepared archaeologist. Most would brush off the tragic end to a man lost in a senseless crime; thefts and their fallout are nothing new to the 24-hour news cycle. One grandmother knows better, however, and once she hears […]


AWA Looks to Comic Books Beyond the Printed Page

AWA, or Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc, is a new New York-based comic book publisher. It's headed up by former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas and former Marvel EIC Axel Alonso. The months of April and May were meant to be its launch period. However, the current situation has stymied that plan. However, it does appear […]

batman who laughs

How The Batman Who Laughs Got His Fingers Back

At the conclusion of the original Dark Nights: Metal series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, The Batman Who Laughs lost his fingers. The Joker chopped off the fingers of the interloper, leaving him with a bloody stump. However, when The Batman Who Laughs returned in the series by Scott Snyder and Jock, his fingers […]

s-l1600 (3)

The Marvel Comic With a DC Cover, on eBay for Over a Million Dollars

When you pick up a DC comic book, you expect to find a DC comic book inside. Sometimes, when there have been printing errors, you may find a different DC comic book inside than is on the cover. Finding a Marvel comic inside a much rarer phenomenon. So when it happens, you should put it […]

Batwoman | Season 1 Episode 17 | A Narrow Escape Promo | The CW

"Batwoman": No One In Gotham City "Saw" This Coming [PREVIEW]

Considering everything that happened the last time we checked in with The CW's Batwoman, it's understandable that Kate (Ruby Rose), Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and the folks over at Gotham would need to grab a few weeks off for a breather. We had family secrets literally being buried, a father-daugher/sister-sister double-cross that actully had us feeling […]


How Cheap Paper Influenced Jean Grey's Iconic Phoenix Costume

Jean Grey's Phoenix costume is one of the most easily-recognizable in comics, but it almost looked a lot different. Marvel executive Tom Brevoort has been passing the time amidst the industry shutdown by posting ancient Marvel artwork on Twitter. His latest tweet shows off early Dave Cockrum design concepts for Jean's Phoenix costume, some of […]

Supergirl | Season 5 Episode 17 | Deus Lex Machina Promo | The CW

"Supergirl" Season 5: A Look Into Lex's Post-"Crisis" Life [PREVIEW]

The CW's Supergirl needed to take a little time off after Alex's (Chyler Leigh) virtual adventure last episode nearly led to see very real-world disasters. Understandable, all things considered. But on Sunday, April 26, Clark Kent's cousin not only returns, but her real-world counterpart Melissa Benoist is also taking a trip behind the camera for […]

the boys

"The Boys": Eric Kripke On What Butcher, Homelander Make Of All This

When last time we checked in with The Boys executive producer Eric Kripke, he was hard at work (from a healthy distance) editing the second season of Amazon Prime's adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic book series. But even while the team's burning the midnight oil to get the new season out to […]