Full Frontal With Samantha Bee Apologizes For Botched Comic Book References

Following a poorly received segment on the November 8th episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the show has issued an apology for messing up several comic book references during an interview with Eric Schneiderman.

After Schneiderman used Spider-Man's catchphrase, "with great power comes great responsibility," host Samantha Bee declared him "Schneider-Man." She went on to use DC Comics references to describe Schneiderman's battles against Donald Trump, but there was just one problem… Spider-Man is a Marvel Comics hero, not DC. The two comic book companies are rivals, and reference streams should never be crossed between the two, as fans pointed out online.

Watch the interview below:

Following fan backlash, the show has issued the following apology:

Unfortunately, while the show's heart was clearly in the right place, they still managed to screw up several major comic book references in their apology. The Joker is primarily associated with Batman, not Superman, so their reference should have paired either Superman and Lex Luthor or Batman and the Joker. And while Marvel did publish a 12-issue Captain Planet series in the '90s, the series took place in a different continuity from the Marvel Universe and he and Iron Man have never met, much less gotten in a fight. Full Frontal may be conflating Captain Planet with Captain America, who squared off with Iron Man in Civil War. Additionally, "ACK!" is the catchphrase of comic strip character Cathy, not Wonder Woman.

Hopefully, Full Frontal will release another apology apologizing for their apology, and they will triple check any comic book references they decide to include.

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