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IDW Announces Mike Zeck's Classic Marvel Stories Artist's Edition
IDW has announced during the In Store Comic Convention Kickoff a Mike Zeck's Classic Classic Marvel Stories Artist Edition It will be around 160 pages and include Mike Zeck's most famous Marvel work on Captain America, Spider-Man, Secret Wars and more There is not an official page count at this points as the book is still in progress and[...]
John Buscema Silver Surfer Gets The IDW Artist Edition Treatment
IDW is doing the Artist Edition treatment to some of the most celebrated art from the Silver Age, John Buscema's work on The Silver Surfer The pairing of Buscema's art with Stan Lee's writing in 1968 lasted for 18 issues and set the bar for the much loved character. Re-scanned at the highest possible quality, John[...]
Jack Kirby, Dave Gibbons And Charles Schulz Get IDW Artist Editions
Here are the official announcements from IDW for not one… not two… but THREE Artist Editions. First Kirby and Gibbons: IDW Publishing will be doing two blockbuster Artist's Editions produced under license from DC Entertainment And these offerings are truly blockbusters—Jack Kirby's New Gods Artist's Edition and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen Artifact Edition[...]