Charge: An All Superheroes Must Die Comic With Preview

Charge: An All Superheroes Must Die Comic With Preview

Charge, the leader of a newly formed superhero team, discovers his friends’ powers date back to the dawn of time and have been on display during some of the most infamous moments in history.A couple of years ago, I discovered the film, ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE I had rented it from Netflix and it sat[...]

Thors Comic Review Column &#8211 Blastosaurus Brandi Bare Greye Of Scotland Yard The Only Living Boy Parallel Man Charge Memetic The Storyteller: Witches Edward Scissorhands Goners

Thor's Comic Review Column – Blastosaurus, Brandi Bare, Greye Of Scotland Yard, The Only Living Boy, Parallel Man, Charge, Memetic, The Storyteller: Witches, Edward Scissorhands, Goners

This Week’s Reviews:Blastosaurus #10Brandi Bare #4Greye of Scotland YardThe Only Living Boy #3Parallel Man: Invasion America #2Charge #1Memetic #1Jim Henson's The Storyteller:  Witches #2Edward Scissor Hands #1Goners #1Small Pressed: A Sextet from SubmitBy Graig KentBack in my youth, I had an aspiration to read all the comics[...]