The Secret Origin of Red vs Blue in Video Game Multiplayer

Red and Blue have been used as juxtaposed colors for a long, long time now across a number of fields including politics, sports, war, and video games. The color scheme seems almost ubiquitous (though it isn't the only color coordination used to indicate conflict). This likely comes down to color theory and symbolism. Red and […]

It's Alive Brings Back Sam Glanzman's 'Combat' on Kickstarter

It's Alive, Drew Ford's IDW reprint imprint (rimprint?), has revealed its next project on Kickstarter: Sam Glanzman's Combat A press release explains the details: Three issues are being Kickstarted by Eisner-nominated IT'S ALIVE! publisher Drew Ford Two of the three issues have already been successfully Kickstarted, but all three will be available in the new campaign[...]

Take A Look At Combat In Mass Effect: Andromeda

While Bioware has not been shy at showing off Mass Effect: Andromeda, today they released the first trailer to showcase the game in combat And it looks pretty damn sweet.The trailer is a solid five minutes of action You can check it out below:[embed][/embed]Not only do we now have a good look at what the game[...]