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Nailed It! Season 2: Cobra Cakes, Humpty Dumpty 'Roid Rage and More! (BC REWIND)
Fairytale cupcakes included a horror version of "Little Red Riding Hood," with bleeding red lips and a hood made out of Twizzlers; a "Humpty Dumpty" that resembled a jacked-up Casper on steroids; and a "Jack and the Beanstalk" that should bring to mind pleasant memories – and not bring to mind a pile of vomit. The[...]
Mickey Snowman Cupcakes
Disney obviously understands the plight of snowed-in parents and has been sharing some excellent recipes to beat the boredom of a snow day! Have Snow Much Fun Building These Mickey Snowman Cupcakes: 🍰❄️ — Disney (@Disney) January 6, 2018 These snowman cupcakes are seriously adorable You will need the following to get started: VANILLA CUPCAKES: 1 1/4 cups[...]