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Warren Ellis' Gun Machine And Chuck Dixon's Winterworld As TV Series For XBox Originals
Just about. Novelist and comics writer Warren Ellis' novel Gun Machine is one of a bunch of new series being made for XBox Entertainment Studios as XBox Originals, Brett Conrad writing the pilot. As is Chuck Dixon and Jorge Zaffino's Winterworld, currently being published by IDW and being developed by IDW and Creative Circle. Here's the full list. Deadlands:[...]
Gun Machine by Warren Ellis – A Furytale Of New York
New York New York. This idea, of New York as a hub for stories, and histories, is what lies at the heart of Warren Ellis' new novel, Gun Machine The novel follows Detective John Tallow, an NYPD officer quietly slumping his way through his life, content to bicker with partner Jim Rosato and lose himself in[...]
Wil Wheaton Reads Warren Ellis' Gun Machine
Warren Ellis knows how to get his comic book spread by social marketing doesn't he? Getting Wil Wheaton to read from Gun Machine His next novel, he's going to get Tron Guy to read it, I'm sure. Warren Ellis knows how to get his comic book spread by social marketing doesn't he? Getting Wil Wheaton[...]
Review: Warren Ellis' Gun Machine
This January sees the release of his second novel Gun Machine from Mulholland Books, his second full-length prose work since 2007's Crooked Little Vein Although primarily known for his comics work, in particular his political SF series Transmetropolitan, he's steadily produced a parallel body of prose work ranging from essays–many of which have been collected[...]
Warren Ellis, Gun Machine And The Die Cut Cover
Only problem is, it's not a comic book. Here's the UK cover for Gun Machine, his new novel, featuring a hole in the middle of the cover, indicating a gun shot, and revealing a second, inner cover. Gun shots have been used in comic book die-cuts before, Punisher War Zone #1 standing out in my mind[...]
Warren Ellis' New Novel, Gun Machine
Warren Ellis' new novel is now on Amazon US and Amazon UK, the latter of which has the following description. This morning Detective John Tallow was bored
Warren Ellis Has Two Novels Up His Sleeve
The first is a thriller novel called Gun Machine for next year The second… isn't. And he writes about it all here, saying; In GUN MACHINE, I'm writing about a disruptive event: a small sealed Manhattan apartment filled with hundreds of guns, each one used in a single unsolved homicide.  But what I'm talking about[...]