Warren Ellis Has Two Novels Up His Sleeve

Okay, so, this is his big news.

Warren Ellis has signed a two book deal with Mulholland Books. The first is a thriller novel called Gun Machine for next year. The second… isn't.

And he writes about it all here, saying;

In GUN MACHINE, I'm writing about a disruptive event: a small sealed Manhattan apartment filled with hundreds of guns, each one used in a single unsolved homicide.  But what I'm talking about is money, the acquisition of power, the deals we make in the name of security, the unique soul-killing exhaustion that comes of caring too much for too long, and the faces madness take in our lives.

Also quite a lot of people get shot.

Mulholland Books, the suspence fiction imprint of Little, Brown and Company also publish the work of comic book writers Joe Lansdale and Greg Rucka, and have JJ Abrams on their books too.

I rather liked Crooked Little Vein. The wife loved it. We're in

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