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Iranian Cartoonist Jailed For Over 12 Years For Drawing Politicians As Animals
Atena Farghadani, a female 28 year-old artist from Iranian artist and activist, has been jailed by the courts for her artwork, which portrays Iranian politicians as both monkeys and cattle. Her work which parodied the actions of government as regard to restrictions on birth control and vasectomies, saw her sentenced to twelve years and nine months[...]
Edward Kramer, Dragon Con And The Apologies Due To Nancy A Collins
But as a result of his guilty plea to three counts of child molestation, he had three counts of aggravated child molestation removed. However, if one term of the nine-condition agreement is breached, he could return to jail for up to sixty years, an effective life sentence given Kramer is now 52. Under the court's nine-condition agreement,[...]