You Can Now Play Rocketeer in Fortnite as the Jetpack Has Arrived

Finally, after being introduced months ago and having to wait for them to be developed enough to be added to the game, Epic Games have introduced the Jetpack to regular Fortnite gameplay With the release of their latest 4.2 update, which we have some of the details on weapons and gameplay below, we finally get[...]

Fortnite Is Officially Getting Jetpacks In Battle Royale

Prepare to have the Jump Pad rendered near useless as Epic Games announced through the updates area on Fortnite that Jetpacks are on the way as the latest addition to the Battle Royale section The logo below has been making the rounds all afternoon as people are getting excited at the possibility of air-to-air combat,[...]

The Jetpack/Forbidden Planet Exclusive Cover For Launch Of The Wicked + The Divine

Not long now.The Jamie McKelvie exclusive cover for the upcoming launch of The Wicked + The Divine shared by Forbidden Planet in the UK and Jetpack Comics in the US...Both Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie will be launching the comic with a signing a Forbodden Planet London on Wednesday 18th June at 6pm.It's interesting to see the[...]