Fortnite Is Officially Getting Jetpacks In Battle Royale

Prepare to have the Jump Pad rendered near useless as Epic Games announced through the updates area on Fortnite that Jetpacks are on the way as the latest addition to the Battle Royale section. The logo below has been making the rounds all afternoon as people are getting excited at the possibility of air-to-air combat, not to mention the notion of sniping while flying and adding yet another element of "did you just see that" clips across Twitch and YouTube.

credit//Epic Games

In all seriousness, this is an amazing addition that probably should have been in the game sooner. Considering how large the island is in Battle Royale, this is the kind of game-changing item that can turn a four-person team into a force to be reckoned with as you can now turn one of your players into a scout to see what's ahead and be ready to flank where needed. Or save on building materials as you scale buildings and mountainsides faster than before. Since this update has just been announced with no date attached to it, there's no info on mechanics to point out how exactly this thing is going to work. At this point, we're guessing that this will either be a near-end item for Season 3 or come out shortly after it ends.

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