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Knight Models Announces 2nd Edition of "Harry Potter" Miniatures Game
Generally, a game is out for more than a couple of years before a second edition, but Knight Models have announced a second edition of the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game will be up for pre-order on July 16th. //Credit: Knight Models That's not even a year since the Harry Potter miniatures game hit retailers. The Harry Potter[...]
Knight Models Harry Potter Releases Death Eaters and Flitwick for May
The Harry Potter miniature game from Knight Models is one of those properties that easily bridges the gap between traditional table top games and collectibles You can certainly use the miniatures for the excellent strategy game, but it's just as much fun to collect the models, paint them up, and display them. The likenesses on Knight[...]
Knight Models Set to Release More 'Dark Knight' Miniatures
After last month's stellar reveal of their miniature line based off of the 2012 The Dark Knight Rises movie, Knight Models is back with two more releases from the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, but this time the miniatures are from 2008's The Dark Knight. Why So Serious? This five model set retails for $44.95 and includes 5[...]
The Crouch Family Feud Spreads to the Harry Potter Miniature Game
Knight Models is introducing a new play style to their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, and the Crouch family decided to come crash the party! Credit// Knight Models The Wizarding Wars are an exciting new way to play the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game These official events allow players to compete against each other in a fast,[...]