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ABC's Deception: Magician Francis Menotti on Making Magic Look Real
We also had the opportunity to be part of a series of roundtable interviews with some of the cast and crew — all banking on being able to pull a rabbit out of their hat impressive enough to make a second season pickup appear out of thin air. Credit: ABC So over the next four days, we'll[...]
Dead Channel: Reflecting On Black Mirror Series Two
Lenora Crichlow is best known in the UK as Annie from Being Human, where she consistently did very good work with a character who was, certainly for the first two seasons, desperately underwritten To see her transformed into the panicked, desperate Victoria and, in turn, into the sort of woman who would video a child[...]
Merlin Actor Bradley James Reveals Details About His Character In Fast Girls
Earlier this year we decided to take a break from the cold by bringing you an interview with Lenora Crichlow, in which she talked about her role in this summer's British Olympic drama Fast Girls Set in the high-pressure environment of professional athletics, Crichlow plays Shania, a runner preparing for the 4x100m relay race, who[...]
Lenora Crichlow Talks The Athletic Dream In Interview From Fast Girls Set
It's set for release on June 8th 2012, to coincide with the Olympics, yet rather bizarrely the script and press materials for the film were not permitted to use the words "London 2012" since they have been trademarked by the organising committee. Last month I was invited down for a set visit to meet the cast[...]