Impact Wrestling 7/28/20 Report Part 1: Welcome to Wrestle House

It's Tuesday Night, which means it's time to turn on AXS TV and watch some Impact Wrestling. Impact is still feeling the success of its Slammiversary PPV two weeks ago, and they've got a newly refreshed roster thanks to the return of several old TNA stars and an influx of fired WWE midcarders (there's some overlap between those groups). Let's get down to the recap, shall we?

Impact Wrestling 7/28/2020 Part 1

After "last week on Impact," and the catchy "we own the night" theme song, Trey comes out to the ring to kick off Impact. The champ, Eddie Edwards, follows. They're starting with a world championship match? Impact isn't playing around this week.

Impact Wrestling 7/28/20 Part 1 - Welcome to Wrestle House (Image: Impact Wrestling)
Impact Wrestling 7/28/20 Part 1 – Welcome to Wrestle House (Image: Impact Wrestling)

Eddie Edwards vs. Trey – World Championship Match

Since both these guys are babyfaces, that means that the match needs a long sequence at the beginning where they test each other in a fair exchange of wrestling moves. First, you have the lockup. Then the mat wrestling. Then the athletic exchanges while running the ropes. Then the acknowledgment of mutual respect. This is pretty much a solid rule in the babyface handbook.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne sell this as a new era for Impact Wrestling, and they sell Trey as a new version of Trey. More serious. More focused. The next AJ Styles. They also sell Eddie Edwards as the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling. Eventually, Eddie takes control of the match. He's bigger and he's stronger, plus he's the champ. But Trey is younger. Hungrier. Scrappier. He uses his speed to get some offense in. The point is that both of these guys are evenly matched. To prove it, they both knock each other out right before Impact's first commercial break.

Impact comes back with Eddie and Trey exchanging strikes. Trey gets in his high-flying offense. Eddie gets in his Tiger drivers. These guys have thrown everything they have at each other. They've got nothing left to do. So Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party and wins. We've seen this match a zillion times before, but these guys made a good run of it. Little do I realize, this will end up being the best match of the night by far.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Eric Young comes out and stands on the ramp to goad Edwards. Edwards wants to fight, but Young says not now.

Matthews and Rayne run down the program for tonight. Deonna Purazzo faces Kimber Lee tonight. Katie Forbes will show off some photos from her website. Josh Matthews will interview Rich Swann satellite. And the Good Brothers will face Reno Scum in Gallows and Anderson's in-ring debut. But first, it's time for that Wrestle House nonsense they teased last week.

This turns out to be a total waste of time. It lasts through one commercial break and halfway toward another one. It features The Deaners, and my rule is I refuse to recap anything that has Deaners in it, so you'll just have to watch the video if you want to know what happens.

Afterward, Rohit Raju approaches TJP and Fallah Bahh. He manipulates TJP into saying he might be interested in an X-Division Championship shot. Then he goes running to Chris Bey. Raju tells Bey that TJP and Fallah Bahh are talking trash and TJP plans to take his title. Luckily, Raju has his back. Impact goes to commercials.

Ace Austin with Madman Fulton talk to Gia Miller backstage. She wants to know about their issues with the Good Brothers. Austin has a problem with two new guys showing up and disrespecting him. They wanted to make an impression at Austin and Fulton's expense. Austin and Fulton will be paying close attention to the Good Brothers' match tonight. I.E., they are going to interfere.

We see a video package for the Motor City Machine Guns. Then The North cuts a promo. Josh Alexander is upset that they lost the tag team championships to MCMG last week. Alexander says they've got a rematch clause. It's only a matter of time until they get their belts back. Ethan Page is too upset to say anything.

The Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is from Victory Road 2010. It's the Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money. Classic TNA rivalry right here. They should have just played more 2010 matches instead of that Wrestle House crap. Afterward, Katie Forbes sits on RVD's lap and shows him some of her photos on her phone. Rob barely manages to feign interest. Impact goes to commercials.

Back from the break and we get another promo from EC3. He seems totally messed up by his WWE run. He doesn't care about all of his accomplishments because of what he had to go through to get to this point in his life. He needs to destroy the past so he can move forward. WWE really ought to pay for therapy for all the wrestlers it picks up off successful runs elsewhere and then totally botches when they get to WWE's main roster.

Gia Miller talks to Moose backstage. Moose wants to talk about how impressive his match with Fallah Bahh was last week. He's the most dominant champion in Impact history. He's in a good mood, so he's gonna hand out another invitation for his championship. Gia wants to know about EC3 attacking him last week. Moose calls her a buzzkill. EC3 is not getting an invitation. He needs to take care of his issues first.

Heath shows up. He claims he got Moose's invitation. Moose says Heath's not contracted by Impact, so he can't wrestle for the title. But Heath claims he's contracted by TNA and the TNA championship committee. He has a contract with him. Moose says there is no TNA Championship (he meant to say committee). Heath says Moose just admitted his championship isn't real. Moose is so annoyed, he gives Heath a match for next week. Scott D'Amore walks up when Moose leaves. He says Heath's "TNA contract" is BS, but D'Amore appreciates Heath's spunk. He says if Heath can beat Moose next week, he can have an Impact contract. So this is the same angle he did during the last WWE brand split, huh? Not a great start to Impact this week. We'll find out if it picks up in part two of this report.

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