Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 10

Well, this may or may not be the very last episode of Amazon Studios Mozart In The Jungle we ever get.  Please oh PLEASE don't let that be the case, because I selfishly don't want this show to end.

We've had some serious sh*t happen this season- breakups and robot destruction, a motorcycle in an orchestra and the ceiling falling while His Holiness the Pope visits.  There was the teahouse hallucination, Liberace's pillowtalk, and mofongo.

In Mozart In The Jungle season 4 episode 10 "Dance":

  • Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal) is back conducting the youth orchestra, who have made an amazing improvement
  • They still aren't where Rodrigo wants them to be, but it's better
  • Hailey (Lola Kirke) is practicing her obo for a cat, and starts to talk to it
  • Apparently she's being paid to play for the cat?
  • Gloria (Bernadette Peters) comes back to her office to find Betty (Debra Monk) and Fukumoto (Masi Oka) and Thomas (Malcolm McDowell) sitting in it
  • Fukumoto officially withdraws his donorship, because of the current leadership, which Gloria thinks means her, but everyone tells her it's Rodrigo
  • Egon (John Cameron Mitchell) meets Rodrigo in the park and tells him the Faust show is happening in three hours, but now Rodrigo has to chose between it and the Symphony
  • "You're the most Innocent narcissist I've ever known."
  • The youth orchestra is getting ready for their performanceLet's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 10
  • Cynthia (Saffron Burrows), not Rodrigo, will be conducting them
  • Instead of having them play a less than optimal Beethoven's 5th, they play scales, and extremely well
  • Hailey and Rodrigo have a moment in the wings, watching the children, and they have a moment, a moment where she looks at him when he isn't paying attentionLet's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 10
  • Rodrigo goes to his office, and writes a letter which he gives to Union Bob to be read before the performance
  • Bob reads the letter, which has Rodrigo's resignation in it as well as instructions to pass a baton to someone else.
  • Gloria pushes Thomas to go grab it and do the piece, but Thomas won't
  • "This baton has someone's name on it, Hai-Lay"
  • Hailey takes the baton, and announces they'll be performing Hesby's new piece. She calls for Betty to come up and take the Obo position
  • Rodrigo rides his bike to the park, where Egon waits
  • Betty has the best advice for Hailey, "Don't fuck up"
  • Egon informs Rodrigo there are no dancers, that the performance is just Rodrigo.
  • "But I work with people, it can't just be me."
  • Mozart comes back to Rodrigo, "I'm here to watch you make an ass out of yourself"
  • The music of Hesby's piece at the orchestra plays while Rodrigo does his dance for an audience of none- a chaotic tribal dance that brings him to a group playing soccer
  • He gets pelted with water balloons as Hailey gives herself to the piece, coaxing the completion
  • No one is cheering for Hailey more than Thomas, and Rodrigo sneaks in to the back of the theater
  • Rodrigo yells out to Mozart's ghost in the theater, "Didn't I tell you she's the best", and "You played with the BLOOD!"
  • Gloria comes to him in tears and fires Rodrigo
  • Hailey is back at the apartment with her roommates, and they are reading reviews to her.
  • Someone in the audience was taking video of Rodrigo in the back of the theater, and his approval, his praise, brings her to sobbing tears
  • Back out in the park, Rodrigo sits with Mozart, and Mozart reveals the real reason he never finished the requiem.
  • "I was nearly done, and my second son spilled a pot of ink on it, and I had to start over."
  • Mozart gives Rodrigo a message from Master Rivera, "Get to work, you little shit"
  • Rodrigo then asks himself, "yes but what do I want?" and the episode ends
  • IT. ENDS.Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 10


If this really is the end, I guess I have to be content that Hailey did get to fulfill part of her newly found dream, but hell, what a way to have it come about.

Thank you Mozart In The Jungle for four glorious entries into such a unique story, with characters I feel I know and love, and want to keep knowing.  I'll love them long after the show's done.

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