The Flash, Naomi, Superman & Lois Update: Tragic Loss, Bad Prom & More

With a whole ton of questions marks surrounding the future of The CW's Arrowverse on both sides of the camera (and before we forget, #RenewBatwoman & #RenewLegendsOfTomorrow), we thought we would offer fun & what looks to be a very spoiler-filled look at what's to come for The Flash, Naomi, and Superman & Lois via some recently-released episode overviews. Now, a couple of things. First, we're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign because they do clue you in on what happens to lead to them. Also, the overviews are subject to change/are updated depending on if any additional intel was being held back (not a frequent thing but it happens). Now with Naomi, we have overviews for the final run of episodes through the season finale so there is more than a lot there to unpack. As for Superman & Lois S02E11 "Truth and Consequences" (directed by David Ramsey and written by Andrew N. Wong), we're holding off on running the text because it doesn't quite "read" like a regular episode overview. But it does seem to ten-ton-hint at some major "bizarro" exchanges to come…

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Now here's a look at the official overview for The Flash S08E14 "Funeral for a Friend," followed by overviews for the four remaining episodes for this season of Naomi: S02E10 "Fallout," S01E11 "Worst Prom Ever," and the two-episode season finale, S01E12 "Ready or Not" & S01E13 "Who Am I?":

The Flash Season 8 Episode 14 "Funeral for a Friend": HONOR THE FALLEN – Team Flash uses the distraction of a bank robbing Meta to detract from the grief of losing someone they love. The series stars Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton, and Brandon McKnight. Vanessa Parise directed the episode with the story by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza and teleplay by Jeff Hersh.

Naomi Season 1 Episode 10 "Fallout": A LIFE OF LIES – In the aftermath of Naomi (Kaci Walfall) discovering who Greg (Barry Watson) and Jen (Mouzam Makkar) really are – and that they've been lying about it her entire life – Naomi sets out on her own to dig deeper for the truth only to discover how many people have been keeping secrets from her. Also starring Alexander Wraith, Cranston Johnson, Mary-Charles Jones, and Camila Moreno. Angel Kristi Williams directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama.

Naomi Season 1 Episode 11 "Worst Prom Ever": SAVE THE LAST DANCE – Naomi (Kaci Walfall) and Annabelle (Mary-Charles Jones) are looking forward to a perfect prom night with Nathan (Daniel Puig), Jacob (Aidan Gemme), and their entire junior class…but nothing ever goes as planned when you're a teenage superhero. Also starring Alexander Wraith, Cranston Johnson, Barry Watson, and Mouzam Makkar. Merawi Gerima directed the episode written by Rebecca Bellotto.

Naomi Season 1 Episode 12 "Ready or Not": SEASON FINALE (Part 1) – In the first episode of the two-part season finale, after having visions from her brief time on Earth-29, Naomi (Kaci Walfall) seeks the advice of her protectors – Dee (Alexander Wraith), Zumbado (Cranston Johnson), Greg (Barry Watson), Jen (Mouzam Makkar) and Akira (guest star Stephanie March) – but no one can agree on a plan…and Naomi feels sidelined in decisions about her own future. After Naomi receives a special gift from Akira, she sets off on a road trip with Annabelle (Mary-Charles Jones) in search of a specific place from a new vision…but something is tracking them closely. Meanwhile, Anthony's (Will Meyers) attempt to get Naomi's attention by revisiting the "Superman stunt" results in an unlikely alliance with Lourdes (Camila Moreno) …but danger looms the closer they get to the truth. Carl Seaton directed the episode written by Jill Blankenship.

Naomi Season 1 Episode 13 "Who Am I?": SEASON FINALE (Part 2) – In the second hour of an epic two-part season finale, Naomi (Kaci Walfall) must make a decision to protect those she loves most, but in the end, Naomi needs those closest to her to battle a powerful being that has been hunting her since birth. And while everyone has an opinion about what Naomi's future should be, her greatest power will manifest only when she stops believing everything she once thought to be true…and chooses her own destiny. Also starring Cranston Johnson, Alexander Wraith, Mary-Charles Jones, Barry Watson, Mouzam Makkar, Camila Moreno, Will Meyers, Aidan Gemme, and Daniel Puig. DeMane Davis directed the episode written by Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship.

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