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It's pretty amazing to see where The CW's Arrowverse is in heading into the second half of 2021, especially with respect to "The Big Three." The Stephen Amell-starring Arrow has shuffled off the network's programming coil, Supergirl is preparing to wrap up Melissa Benoist's 6th & final season, and The Flash star Grant Gustin speeds[...]
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Of course, with that word "speed" in there we're sure some speculation will start that maybe an Arrowverse speedster or two could be involved? Just getting our dumpster fires of random speculation raging, that's all. Image: Screencap Here's a look at Keto Shimizu's tweet from earlier today, which also includes a look at the front of the[...]
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With only two episodes of The CW's The Flash left to go this season, the danger is accelerating at Speed Force levels heading into "Heart of the Matter, Part 1"- the long-running Arrowverse series' milestone 150th episode As if the Godpeeds threat wasn't enough to keep their attention, Nora aka XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) has[...]
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Then there's the fact that "Heart of the Matter, Part 1" also marks the milestone 150th episode for the long-running Arrowverse series But most of all, the episode finds Nora aka XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) traveling back for a family reunion with Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton)- and she's bringing Bart aka Impulse (Jordan[...]