Victory Road Results: Willie Mack Tries, Fails to Defeat Rohit Raju

Welcome to the third part of Bleeding Cool's live Impact Wrestling Victory Road coverage. Once an official TNA PPV that started back in 2004, Victory Road is now an Impact Plus special, available for free to subscribers or for ten bucks on Fite. Tonight's show is billed as the last exit on the road to Bound for Glory, the big PPV happening in three weeks, so it sees unlikely we'll see any huge shockers tonight, though all of Impact's titles are on the line.

Rohit Raju heads to the ring for the Defeat Rohit challenge, which will be the third match of Victory Road. He's got a mic. Oh good. Rohit says he's here to share the love, to give an opportunity for the X-Division Championship. He says for anyone in the back who thinks they can defeat Rohit to come out. Willie Mack takes the offer.

Rohit Raju offers up a shot at the Impact X-Division Championship in an open challenge of sorts at Victory Road.
Rohit Raju offers up a shot at the Impact X-Division Championship in an open challenge of sorts at Victory Road.

Victory Road Results Part 3 – Willie Mack vs. Rohit Raju – X-Division Championship Match

  • Okay, the story here: Rohit Raju helped Chris Bey rob Willie Mack of the X-Division Championship. But Bey was just a stepping stone who Rohit soon managed to swindle out of the title himself. Since then, Rohit has been using his brains to keep his challengers at bay, getting Bey, TJP, and Trey to spend more time fighting each other than challenging for the belt. Now he's said they've all had their opportunities so now he's doing this open challenge thing at Victory Road.
  • It doesn't take long for Rohit to start playing the coward, rolling out of the ring whenever the going gets tough. It also doesn't take long for Mack to follow him and brawl outside.
  • These two have a pretty good match, driven by Rohit's cheap tactics, though of course he's also talented in the ring so he makes the cheapness look good. Mack, on the other hand, is great in the ring, but he's been kind of a chump lately, first for having lost the X-Division championship and then for losing multiple matches to Brian Myers, who spent years as a jobber in WWE.
  • So can Mack rehab his image and set his career back on the right track?
  • Nope. He does manage to overcome Rohit physically, but Rohit ends up outside the ring after the two knock heads. Rohit is up in time to get back in, but then very obviously realizes he can just take the countout loss and keep his belt, so he falls back down.

Once again, Willie Mack looks like a chump. But for Raju's character, this is the right way to go. Maybe he could have beat Mack in the ring. But why do it if he doesn't have to? I'm loving this heel X-Division championship reign, and Victory Road's

After the match, Gia Miller asks Ken Shamrock why he attacked Eddie Edwards on Impact last week, but Sami Callahan answers. He says they were the world's most dangerous tag team and came close to winning the Impact titles, and maybe Ken realized that's because he's not the Ken Shamrock he used to be. Well sure, he's like 70 years old. But Sami says Shamrock is his best friend and he talked to him to get him to get back in touch with old self, and that's why he attacked Eddie. Gia asks if this is all Sami trying to manipulate Sami to take out his old enemy Eddie Edwards, but Sami says that's not it at all. It's all about Shamrock. Then he shows her his phone and says he got 45 billion retweets. She points out that's nonsense and he storms off, taking Shamrock with him.

Check back soon for the next part of Bleeding Cool's Impact Wrestling Victory Road coverage.

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